Don't be a Tourist

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This one is for all you full time travelers









Tabbes Prije 10 mjeseci
Meme thingz
Meme thingz Prije mjesec
Ur corny
Death bunny
Death bunny Prije mjesec
On Valentine’s Day a person actually gave our free flowers 🌸
Darker Turn2.0
Darker Turn2.0 Prije mjesec
God loves you GO for him and Jesus Christ loves you and plz don’t say oh go# it’s a sin to you and Jesus Christ and god it is way better if you say oh my gosh them oh my go# but even if you say it he will still forget and forgive don’t be afraid everyone doesn’t God bless stay safe and no hate Amen👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼❤️🙇🏼‍♂️ no hate plz thanks or everybody no hate and wen you go outside pray for Elvis you can not see And revenge zodiac signs tattoos and not god it is God;..
CarterFerguson Prije 2 mjeseci
This was three days before my 8th B day
SonDestiny Prije 2 mjeseci
Mistii Prije 6 sati
*tabbes slaps a penny into some dudes hand* AMAZONS DAILY DEALS
random gaming
random gaming Prije 9 sati
When they try to give it to you just say ok but i ain't paying
link 'n jason
link 'n jason Prije 11 sati
Are we gonna talk about how she's been gone for like 6 months?
Mai makes Minecraft
Mai makes Minecraft Prije 14 sati
What’s up this video is amazing I wrote that with my eyes closed And that And that And that Ok I’m done now
Samantha Feuge
Samantha Feuge Prije 22 sati
One time this guy on the train was dressed in camo and then he made a whole ass speech talking about how how his wife and kids are in an ally way and he has no money and he said if any of you have any spare change I would appreciate it then some lady stood up and said how did you get on the subway if you have no money were your wife then? They almost had a fist fight until this lady said we need to respect others.
Octo daddee
Octo daddee Prije dan
lol uk doesnt use cash. we use a card called the oyster card that has pre paid money inside of it
thomas fan 5000 TM
thomas fan 5000 TM Prije dan
Is it me or is it when she gave the guy in the train a penny then a ad about beer screamed yeah
yipeekiyaay Prije dan
6:15 Bitch, If I saw people with costumes like that, I would just laugh by looking at their fucking face lmao
Storys Prije dan
When I think of tourist I think of a tourist getting run over by a car by the crossing
*+Lucifer+* Prije dan
Was i the only one who said f4gg0t?
Olyvia Vanity
Olyvia Vanity Prije 2 dana
1-3 cheap purchases per store(exceptions exist), and don't draw suspicion
【StormySeas】 Prije 2 dana
1:11 Me being an anime weeb: Jirou..?
꧁Sleepy_boba_fox ꧂
꧁Sleepy_boba_fox ꧂ Prije 3 dana
Shadow C L O U D S
Shadow C L O U D S Prije 3 dana
3,846,435 of us got a gold star. Yay.
Andy gaming
Andy gaming Prije 4 dana
my parents have a really smart thing they do whenever they go on vacation somewhere so basically the save money around the year and then some of the money that they save they put it in the vacationist list and then when they go on vacation they are allowed to spend that money because they're not spending the actual Money Their spending save the money that is exactly for this purpose u can also try this
Mai makes Minecraft
Mai makes Minecraft Prije 4 dana
I was just thinking can I write ‘hello my name is _____’ with my eyes closed Hello my name is _____ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Mauro Fierro
Mauro Fierro Prije 5 dana
so true
Boymany 0
Boymany 0 Prije 5 dana
Nah just people who blow up cities
Ok god
Ok god Prije 5 dana
The Raging red
The Raging red Prije 6 dana
If they say come on give me a 20 just give them fake cash and walk away
ANTONY GRAY Prije 6 dana
why did you use the Diary of a Wimpy Kid font? 1:34
SadistFurret420 Prije 6 dana
lol i went to a flea market in israel and i got scammed. this fucker sold my parents a “sterling silver” necklace for 50 usd... you can bet that shit turned green after a week. The most annoying part was seeing the same necklace in a legit jewelry store
C guy !
C guy ! Prije 6 dana
As someone form new York yep this is all true be carful
Chair Prije 7 dana
As a city person I agree we are assholes
Nezuko Kamado :p ✨
Nezuko Kamado :p ✨ Prije 8 dana
😥 bacon says money doesn’t give you happiness 🤨
gavin menagh
gavin menagh Prije 9 dana
why is the first part my parents
Mark Butzer
Mark Butzer Prije 9 dana
As soon as Tabbes put a penny in the guy’s hand and ad for The Conjuring played
Froakie Prije 9 dana
“What comes to your mind when you hear the word tourist” Me: “iM sUcH a ToUrIsT”
Drowzy magpie
Drowzy magpie Prije 9 dana
Mother I wish too be like tabbes. My mom: k.
Kathy Tube
Kathy Tube Prije 9 dana
I wish i watched this before going to NY 🥲 And btw, the costume scam actually happened. My family went to time square, and these knockoff mickey and minnie mouse mascots were EVERYWHERE. I already knew but my mom almost fell for it before my aunt (whos been there before) pulled us away, and explained the scam to my mom. 🤦‍♀️
Medad Alfalasi
Medad Alfalasi Prije 9 dana
What about North Korea its literally one in a lifetime unless you're from China
just a guy
just a guy Prije 9 dana
She said the sus word!!!?!?!!;?!!!? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵
Georgie Romero
Georgie Romero Prije 11 dana
I realy want to do the opisit of what you said to do and see what happens besides the ways to get robbed
scootercat yt
scootercat yt Prije 12 dana
I went to paris when i was about 8 and lets say a guy grabbed me wrist and my family didn't notice and they walked off. The guy kept asking me where I was from and if I lived here I was 8 so I didn't second guess asking. I also wore very paris like clothes so I looked easy to scam, I was a bit un-comfortable but I let him luckly my uncle ran up yelling and pulled me away from the guy.. it scared me a lot since I have never seen him so angry later my mum said it was a scam that they do after tying a 2 dollar string on your hand they ask for 20$.
Itz_ MøchiPxnda
Itz_ MøchiPxnda Prije 12 dana
Imagine leaving your house 🧐✨
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston Prije 12 dana
To not get fooled like an idiot act Like a resident not a guy who just gained the ability to see
RTG_Puppet Prije 13 dana
Your telling me that's not what a tourist is?
Kayla Studios
Kayla Studios Prije 13 dana
Asshole UnU
Boi _Khun - Im broke send help i want Jean Skin
Boi _Khun - Im broke send help i want Jean Skin Prije 13 dana
Just bring a gun. Ez
MitchTheYoshi Prije 14 dana
When we were on holiday in Washington DC in America, a guy tried to sell my dad a CD, when my dad said no, he's accused him of being racist.
Scout gaming
Scout gaming Prije 14 dana
Well then im ganna be a terorist
fPlobs Prije 14 dana
your buddy Max or maybe Ginger Idk
your buddy Max or maybe Ginger Idk Prije 14 dana
"whats up baby girl" me: "im lesbian"
E Zach Lee Wright
E Zach Lee Wright Prije 14 dana
If that happened to me, I'd be like "Sorry my friend, but accepting free gifts is against my religion" And then they'd ask me what religion And I'd come up with something real-sounding on the spot, like "Meritarianism".
epiccgamer Prije 14 dana
1:07 A Naruto reference....?
RosieWantsACookie Prije 15 dana
2:06, what if you live there, but have social anxiety, huh?
mray the bot
mray the bot Prije 15 dana
City life
Olivia Bergwerff
Olivia Bergwerff Prije 15 dana
Tabbed: wat do you think wen you hear the word tourist. Me: tortoise 🐢
KarmaDio Prije 15 dana
i was at universal studios once and just randomly got a free 100$ dollar gift card from a dude who worked there, that was barely enough for lunch
SubwayBear Prije 16 dana
Love tourist what stop in the middle walkway during rush hour and said what an asshole. Because they got told move because they playing traffic by someone in a rush to work why the person has another 100 people behind also rushing to work. Also as newyorker there is people dress as budas monk give some cards .
Кир П
Кир П Prije 16 dana
How to know that your country isn't the best place in the world: Sign 1 -- you've known this scenarios since you were 15. God I wish all scammers a very pleasant knife in a belly
Kári Litli
Kári Litli Prije 16 dana
4:06 that guy look like ellecartons
ɪTᴢ ʏA ʙOɪ TᴀYʟOʀ༄
ɪTᴢ ʏA ʙOɪ TᴀYʟOʀ༄ Prije 16 dana
Legitamatley my response to the mix tape would be. "Yeah I'm from here." "Ok I'll take it." "OI U SAID ITS FREE" "Fuck you bitch 👌"
Duck Go Quacks
Duck Go Quacks Prije 16 dana
Im Asian, these dont work becuase im Asian
Aoi Prije 16 dana
T M Prije 16 dana
Anyone: starts walking towards me Me: pulls out the brass knuckles 👁👁
Jenilee Klish
Jenilee Klish Prije 16 dana
The odds one out watching this and seeing the mixtape seller 👁👄👁
MusicMcMan Prije 16 dana
I had a “buy my mixtape” guy and he asked my mom if she wanted it. She didn’t understand and started speaking vietnamese which scared the dude off
jinx18e Prije 16 dana
My tour guy actually told us to be careful about the characters. Especially the Elmo's because exact quote "one of them stabbed someone last week when they didn't tip enough". That nail brought back so many memories.
paul c
paul c Prije 16 dana
One way I got past that by my mix tape scam was I just told them a fake name wrote it on the Siri and I was like that’s not my name give me a new one so as they shuffle around in the pocket area as fast as I can
EM PLEH Prije 16 dana
Ed Edd And Eddy
you sound like a sh*t a$$ american tourist
you sound like a sh*t a$$ american tourist Prije 17 dana
da b
da b Prije 17 dana
I live in the country and the first time I went out of my state to Las Vegas my older sister had to drag me through the streets, I had a lot of people slipping bracelets on me and me being “Ou free bracelet!” and my sister being like NO
Tequila Gordon
Tequila Gordon Prije dan
Tequila Gordon
Tequila Gordon Prije dan
Tequila Gordon
Tequila Gordon Prije dan
Enthralled by her
[GachaJacky] Prije 17 dana
It’s the crappy drawn star for me cause I can’t draw then either ;w;
Harrison Keatley
Harrison Keatley Prije 17 dana
1:08 was that hinata
Ram Prije 17 dana
It kinda looks like Jiro from My hero academia
XYuu TeoriasX
XYuu TeoriasX Prije 17 dana
3:31 - 3:33 alright,I'll Give You pesos. It's Still Money,But Foreign.
funtime foxy 213
funtime foxy 213 Prije 17 dana
7:05 Why is it that my mind came up with a scenario where this happened, and I put one of them in a headlock or shoulder lock and threatened the other Sayin somethin like You better catch up to your friend before this one gets hurt, oh and don't miss the train And then I snapped that guys neck Uhm- Ever since quarantine started my thoughts have been quite dark-
Jake plays_roblox & more
Jake plays_roblox & more Prije 17 dana
Those pickpocket robbers are ed ed and eddy (May have spelt it wrong)
Bryant Hernandez
Bryant Hernandez Prije 17 dana
The train part sound fimilar from another animator
Amr Tamer
Amr Tamer Prije 18 dana
i could not tell your gender
Shem Shem
Shem Shem Prije 18 dana
I can tell you one thing that's more hated than a tourist, a tourist that does not spend his money Basicaly why the fensh hate Dutch tourists, we bring all our own stuff and spend less there than we would at home
Dusk Prije 18 dana
I was in New York for a choir event and the costume people tried to grab me while I was with the group. We were all in matching shirts and bags and they got in between so I just kinda stared until one of the other students was by me so I could walk away quickly.
Sir oof
Sir oof Prije 18 dana
Came out full on british on PATHETIC
La Dame à l'hermine
La Dame à l'hermine Prije 18 dana
like you're accent
Brian Elg
Brian Elg Prije 19 dana
Just wait till you see FLORIDA
Jerøme Prije 19 dana
Avoid the Noid with Barilla
Molly Doerflein
Molly Doerflein Prije 19 dana
the cd one happened to my friends in New york
Ceto Prije 19 dana
I went to New York recently I can confirm all these things. I had a fun time practicing my resting bitch face. also avoid eye contact.
Mystery Gamer
Mystery Gamer Prije 20 dana
Lol they got it at the dollar store for 5 dollars
Filip Trocea
Filip Trocea Prije 20 dana
i thought this stood for don't be a terrorist.
itaa Prije 20 dana
No I think about terrorists
June_ Buggers
June_ Buggers Prije 20 dana
I’m gonna take some fake money with me whenever I go to a city. So if I run into any of those people, I’ll just give the fake cash and run
Im a depressed cat
Im a depressed cat Prije 20 dana
I call it the trust test
MrShoot Prije 21 dan
"These glasses were 300 bucks!"
Lee Prije 21 dan
Please love the Holy Trinity and obey GOD'S word
Ram Prije 17 dana
Hi fellow mha fan
staci edgington
staci edgington Prije 21 dan
Everyone when you do anything 3:37
Sleepy_Sunset Prije 21 dan
IAmAMemer Prije 21 dan
"Don't be a Tourist" -Tabbes, 2021
Adriaan Ackerman
Adriaan Ackerman Prije 21 dan
O woman I looc lick a crack lord
Ram Prije 17 dana
Hi Ackerman
OnionTears Prije 21 dan
“I’ve never seen anything valid being given out for free in the city” WHAT ABOUT THE MILK MAN HUH
DLM Experiment
DLM Experiment Prije 22 dana
What about if you is someone robs you can you just pull the reverse uno card on them
poloscope Prije 22 dana
3:32 look at tomska in the background
ً Prije 22 dana
This is why I want to carry
Darius Mihai Costin
Darius Mihai Costin Prije 22 dana
Well im never tricked its uno reverse card to locale and Ur funny oh and dont speak about the drill (dani refrence)
Darius Mihai Costin
Darius Mihai Costin Prije 22 dana
Romanian tactics
Darius Mihai Costin
Darius Mihai Costin Prije 22 dana
And ill kick their Balls to make omulet
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Prije 22 dana
One time I went to Africa and this dude slapped a bracket on me and made me pay for it, after I couldn't even get it off I had to cut the thing off
Michael Bosman
Michael Bosman Prije 22 dana
im a Taurus
anime man
anime man Prije 23 dana
1:07 hinata!?!?!?!?!?!
Miss Liz
Miss Liz Prije 23 dana
Go to the main streets in New Orleans. Not madigraw time. The scammers and cons will give you a free necklace. As you walk around the rest of the scammers will come up to you to offer you more beads and give you a sop story, congrats those beads make you a mark. Unfortunately for them my grandfather has the original ADHD and doesn't get those kind of con Concepts and he'll just talked to you 4 hours and you can't explain to him that he didn't just make friends.
Radioactive Light
Radioactive Light Prije 23 dana
3:29 "Take this penny, it'll add up to somethin' great soon enough. Take my word." And than I'll dart while internally laughing.
Ted Dillon
Ted Dillon Prije 24 dana
What if I take the thing and throw it on the floor
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