Unusual Students in My Art Class

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SCHOOL. And so have you probably. SURVIVE as long as you can. It started not too long ago but you get the jist of how annoying it is to juggle editing, voicing drawing, studying, writing essays, commuting all at once. This is also my first semester dorming with 3 other people, so ya gotta be mindful of them when they're studying too. If the recording sounds off whether its voice or editing, you know why now. But thank yall for being patient with me.


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Tabbes Prije 3 godina
I wanted to look like an acorn in this video. Don't question it.
Dog Love
Dog Love Prije 2 mjeseci
Googoo gaga
John Sheffield
John Sheffield Prije 3 mjeseci
Butter Butt
Butter Butt Prije 3 mjeseci
Mhm understandeble
Fredbear and friends
Fredbear and friends Prije 3 mjeseci
Aiden Moreno
Aiden Moreno Prije 4 mjeseci
manglegame Prije 3 sati
Guess touchy is lesbian
aurora Prije 5 sati
yeah i took art in elementary, it was cool i guess
Muhd Akmal
Muhd Akmal Prije 5 sati
I had a friend like touchy, and it's a guy who just randomly touch other guys's private part. He stopped but ugh the memories
Friedrich Prije 17 sati
okay time to paint
ghs bone
ghs bone Prije dan
bede / vera
bede / vera Prije dan
Thanks for the advice tabbes
Mr Toast
Mr Toast Prije 2 dana
there was a kid in my siblings class who during class managed to get like 5 or more (i dont remember exactly) chairs into the bathroom (each middle school class had their own bathrooms at my school) and they didnt notice until someone went into the bathroom
LemonLime OOF
LemonLime OOF Prije 2 dana
I know this is three years ago, but as a person who has been home schooled their whole life, you get art classes depending on what program you’re in. Normally you are required to have English, Math, Science, history, health, art, and PE turned in by the end of the year. So you find a program that offers that or you just use multiple different books to get your work done.
ash malinda
ash malinda Prije 2 dana
I’ve done many art classes as a homeschooler, there are surprisingly many homeschool outlets
Peter Haefele
Peter Haefele Prije 2 dana
Skykid 24k
Skykid 24k Prije 3 dana
yes/no you uneducated twit. -Tabbes 2017
Mornoz Core
Mornoz Core Prije 3 dana
You know how you said in the beginning you can be creative in art class.....Um.....yah I’d just sit there and draw Obito from Naruto
fray dims
fray dims Prije 3 dana
E no
TerrariaExpert300 TerrariaExpert300
TerrariaExpert300 TerrariaExpert300 Prije 4 dana
Who is Jessica Lane and also what is the show you talked about her being in ???
TerrariaExpert300 TerrariaExpert300
TerrariaExpert300 TerrariaExpert300 Prije 4 dana
Home schools do you presented art class they can choose it or not
Georgia DeBow
Georgia DeBow Prije 4 dana
Homeschoolers have the option the study art.
Swagaholic24 Prije 4 dana
Omg my art teacher in middle was the best!! The room was colorful, people were so creative, and she taught me to use my imagination. Until she retired.. and this stoopid teacher took over and LITERALLY PAINTED THE ART ROOM WHITE!!! ees bullsheet
Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer Prije 4 dana
hello i raly like your vids
Unify Prije 5 dana
I am homeschooled never seen a school in my life
darth loki
darth loki Prije 5 dana
No art class in home school
Saara Jokinen
Saara Jokinen Prije 6 dana
as an art student who has piercings and a split dye I gotta say that this video is accurate af
Efsane saran sen i sev mi yo rum ar tık
Efsane saran sen i sev mi yo rum ar tık Prije 6 dana
She s gay : D and ı gay too lgbt ❤️❤️
bill cipher
bill cipher Prije 6 dana
Why didnt you redo the hair and paint over the rest
dectera xx
dectera xx Prije 7 dana
I’m literally so jealous of everyone who has or has had a nice chill art teacher. My art teacher literallu called me a disappointment one time and then the next day acted like nothing happened😃
Smarmy Neb.
Smarmy Neb. Prije 7 dana
You know your artsy when you collect stuff and have a thing with skulls.
Smarmy Neb.
Smarmy Neb. Prije 7 dana
I took school online for 2 1/2 years (plus another half from Corona) and every time (except Corona bc I had band) I had art one in those two years. It's was great! It wasn't as interactive but we still did something!
FrostBite Prije 7 dana
Ya know, in my art class, there was this german kid always trying to get in, but he kept rejected, I don't remember his name fully but I think it was Adol kisder, pretty weird name ngl.
Simon Nevarez
Simon Nevarez Prije 9 dana
Can we just point out that tabs got sexually Assaulted and she just thinks about it as a weirdo just being Weird when it’s just a A girl they should be arrested for sexually assaulting many girls
Glitch EwE?
Glitch EwE? Prije 9 dana
Wait so touchy does it to girls and guys, so she is oan or bi, etc.
Rajon Baxter
Rajon Baxter Prije 10 dana
yooooooooooooooooooooooo yoooooooooooooo
Mipan_ Llama
Mipan_ Llama Prije 10 dana
You are a acorn
Mr. DISAPPOINMENT Prije 10 dana
Aawerrfff im aaaajjjj
Star Knight
Star Knight Prije 11 dana
Oooo you draw so good, how do you do that now? Magic, duh.
Shadow C L O U D S
Shadow C L O U D S Prije 11 dana
If i meet someone like Touchy **Starts to prepare to kill them** 2 minutes later: **Bone breaks**
Simply Katsumi 2.0
Simply Katsumi 2.0 Prije 11 dana
No one gonna talk about this line 😂 Tabbes:no no no no no no where the control Z at!?
V Prije 11 dana
tabbes rlly said sharingan
Lala MaGinty
Lala MaGinty Prije 12 dana
Course people from school do our work I love art 🖼
Zenuko Wetod
Zenuko Wetod Prije 12 dana
You forgot Hitler...
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen Prije 12 dana
6:38 why that look like me tho
WaliZ Prije 12 dana
JS, I go to a military school and you will get damned if your shoes have one mark on them,
Alexandria Trenier
Alexandria Trenier Prije 13 dana
I would have reported her for sexual harassment. That’s disgusting.
some_idot_kid Prije 13 dana
u could just paint the canvas the shade of white that it is ?..
Kylo!! Prije 13 dana
channel no longer in use
channel no longer in use Prije 14 dana
Put some white paint on it 👍bada bang bada boom there goes the mark
discontinuing Prije 14 dana
i could never do that good of art
Mr. Dog
Mr. Dog Prije 14 dana
I was in art a d tried REALLY hard on a still life piece and our art teacher said we had to mix colored crayons that mixed really well and we where experimenting with different colors and got gray and I said "oh cool lemme try please" then this kid at my table says 'ok but allow me' then procieds to write it smacks down in the middle if my paper on the part that I worked hard on. I told the teacher what happened and I did not get marked off still got an A-
Alexander Dunford
Alexander Dunford Prije 14 dana
rustyisepic Prije 15 dana
Levi Lynn
Levi Lynn Prije 15 dana
my internet ran out during 7:10 so i thought it was funny the video stopped
mince901 Prije 16 dana
My art class is just constant screaming and yelling
TheAtomicT Prije 16 dana
You have one weird life Tabbes
Doughnut Dude
Doughnut Dude Prije 16 dana
I've only seen this just now but no you usualy don't do art classes when your homeschooled
Peter He
Peter He Prije 16 dana
Art people are probably the most chill people you can meet. Um Van Gogh cut off his own ear so I dunno
Rhone Leake
Rhone Leake Prije 17 dana
Yes, and I sat right next to her We’re still friends but she freaks me out some times she so weird
daniel joseph
daniel joseph Prije 17 dana
So I'm late and probably things change but a 5 minute presentation is NOTHING I can do a 5-minute presentation in my sleep I know it's kinda weird getting up there and doing it but that's like maximum 30-40 minutes of work doing slides and that's it your not opening for the president just do it
Faith Tibbit
Faith Tibbit Prije 17 dana
I think that girl is gay.
Wertipe Batix
Wertipe Batix Prije 17 dana
Yes I taken because polish education system
Lopez Kids
Lopez Kids Prije 18 dana
I am homeschooled and if you want to do art then you can
JoelCrafter43 Prije 18 dana
Hehe.. Yeah there was a strange student in my class... I think you can guess who....
Bendy Of The Ink Machine
Bendy Of The Ink Machine Prije 18 dana
Tabbes why does ur Character always look fucking depressed??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
d i a n a
d i a n a Prije 18 dana
5:47 WHATS THE SONG CALLED? pls help
d i a n a
d i a n a Prije 18 dana
Nvm I found it Song name: Crawling by Linkin park
MomoGamerz Prije 18 dana
long live the queen
LegendaryBubbles Prije 18 dana
Homeschoolers do have art class :3 As said by someone who was homeschooled their entire life, and wants to become an animator. Art is the best subject!
a person on the internet
a person on the internet Prije 19 dana
Why is art class actually somehow very hard
-gxnjii- Prije 19 dana
I’m homeschooled and I’m in an art class lol (and no my mom does not teach it)
John-Paul Hamilton
John-Paul Hamilton Prije 19 dana
Art speak loud! It ain't useless!
W&E Town
W&E Town Prije 20 dana
Band class is also chill. Unless the students are missing their music. Then they are terrifying.
Megamanlanprime Prije 20 dana
As someone who was homeschooled - generally yea there are art classes for us. Its more optional but if you want them they are out there.
Kishni_Raibus Prije 20 dana
someone walking by: wow ur drawings are so cool! me: SHUT THE F*** UP Y U LYING same scenario but with seomeone else: u did so good during the band concert! Me: STOP LYING YOU FRICKIN IDIOT I DID TERRIBLE U LIAR
Mari Stories
Mari Stories Prije 20 dana
Yes online schools which also count as homeschooling
Bonnie TheBunny
Bonnie TheBunny Prije 20 dana
I'm homeschooled and I have art- but uh ye s
kenzie morrison
kenzie morrison Prije 20 dana
i'm homeschooled and my older sister taught me how to draw we also read about a famous artist and we did crafts every once and awhile so does that count
Golden Pun
Golden Pun Prije 21 dan
I actually bought someone's art in HIghschool. I think it was like 25 bucks. It was like a punk rock teddy bear holding a spray paint can. i gave it to my girlfriend at the time. She loved it.
Jorja Alexander
Jorja Alexander Prije 21 dan
Please reply
Jorja Alexander
Jorja Alexander Prije 21 dan
Gene H
Gene H Prije 21 dan
Tabbes do be having the sharingan tho 2:03
ballalvu8 Prije 22 dana
Benjamin Bahtijarevic
Benjamin Bahtijarevic Prije 22 dana
Lesbian on a hole new level
Lani Bunny
Lani Bunny Prije 22 dana
That’ll so cool
John Behan
John Behan Prije 22 dana
Take out that last tooth
Duwang Prije 22 dana
Imagine everyone’s reaction if the touchy girl was a guy
Vortex 1
Vortex 1 Prije 22 dana
Love the video and the artwork is great
Spifer Prije 22 dana
8:12 o thought this was a girl so I looked away
Jordan AnimationsYT
Jordan AnimationsYT Prije 22 dana
Yes/no undetected
Neil Animate
Neil Animate Prije 23 dana
My parents hate art but meh I still go to art school
Feline Queen
Feline Queen Prije 23 dana
“She didn’t do it to the guys because they actually liked it” Wat. I would not like that one bit. And if I did, I would not act like it so they do it. But that’s if I like it. I don’t
Heart Of The Wild
Heart Of The Wild Prije 24 dana
3:07 this is the point where you bring your own tin and get really good at smacking would-be thieves with the lid while yelling “KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF” loud enough for the teachers to hear. If they complain that you hit them, just tell them that because those art supplies are worth $100, stealing them is a felony and they’re lucky you didn’t call the police right then and there.
LavLightKnight Prije 24 dana
Took an art class in highschool. Was shitty at art. Barely tried and was mostly there because I had friends in the class. Conflicted with teacher more than once questioning her stance on a few different ideas. Got straight A’s and she was heart broken when I didn’t go again the next semester. We almost never got along and I was so confused on why she wanted me back
Pony Moreno
Pony Moreno Prije 24 dana
🏳️‍🌈 I saport
Fernando J. Cruz
Fernando J. Cruz Prije 24 dana
Touchy was actually a boy in a irl isekai so he wanted those opai y'know.
Kayleigh Metcalf
Kayleigh Metcalf Prije 24 dana
my favourite channel but too much fudging swear words
satan Prije 25 dana
Im in fifth grade, school ends for me in a week, and im taking art in middle school... i do not need any of this shit
Venus Vibes
Venus Vibes Prije 25 dana
Finally another person who watches ahs
Francisco Benavente
Francisco Benavente Prije 25 dana
Life lesson ignore them
Des Gaming
Des Gaming Prije 25 dana
Noah Franks
Noah Franks Prije 25 dana
8:09 they would look like Buddha when they take the ear rings out
chara from Dreamtale
chara from Dreamtale Prije 26 dana
I am 10
chara from Dreamtale
chara from Dreamtale Prije 26 dana
I need your Drowning app!!!!!
The Shy Guy
The Shy Guy Prije 27 dana
I'm that weird artist dude
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