Let's Meet Up.

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Helloooo everyone. This is a short notice and it took the other Kindergartners and I a while to set things up for an upcoming fan meet in New York!

We'll have activities such as a QnA panel, live DJ, FREE FOOD , VR drawing demos, photobooth with your favorite animated HRpostr, free poster, poster signing/character drawing, fan meet and greet
Any parents accompanying would have to register as well.


Does that mean face reveal for those people coming? I guess so.. Won't be wearing a sombrero or something.

Location: HRpost Space NY
Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Date: July 27th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Kinders attending will be:
8 Bit,
RushLight Invader,
Taylor's Chronicles,
Ivan Animated,
The French Pineapple


Merch: crowdmade.com/collections/tabbes

Discord: discord.gg/Tabbes

Email for inquiries: Tabbesk@gmail.com




Backtrack is the city theme from SRPG2

2Edgy4ThisPlanet Prije 3 godina
A good time in NYC? I thought this was a PG channel
ColdLegends55 Prije 2 mjeseci
Will this still be open now
TheSharkey 44
TheSharkey 44 Prije 3 mjeseci
This is what u think PG is
Official awesome vlogs
Official awesome vlogs Prije 4 mjeseci
@BigBadBaraSkeleton i just realized
Nice to 🥩 you
Nice to 🥩 you Prije 8 mjeseci
Tabbes in her pest video- what the dick is this
Long Hair Legend
Long Hair Legend Prije 8 mjeseci
2Edgy4ThisPlanet it wa sneer a pg channel
Villager97 Liam
Villager97 Liam Prije 10 dana
Can’t wait to go
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts Prije 14 dana
Hey Ik I’m a little late but I think I might be able to go
Yunmin Noh
Yunmin Noh Prije 22 dana
**gets this recommended after fricking 4 years**
Aina I
Aina I Prije 24 dana
I wish I can gooooooo but I can’t because I’m in Oregon
Lequicha Rishbish
Lequicha Rishbish Prije 24 dana
Zariah foxx
Zariah foxx Prije mjesec
What time should in go to NYC, tomorrow? *today* *7:30*? ((Not a video time don’t click))
this nick random
this nick random Prije mjesec
Pulling up rn
Loveliest Jackie
Loveliest Jackie Prije mjesec
**Cries Mexican tears**
NissanTheGreenSoldier829 // NTGS829
NissanTheGreenSoldier829 // NTGS829 Prije 2 mjeseci
Tabbes: [reveals her email] Me: Oh WOW.
DisneyWorldDad DisneyWorldDad
DisneyWorldDad DisneyWorldDad Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how the fanmeet is on my birthday
Edric Acero
Edric Acero Prije 2 mjeseci
I was miss NYC Studio Kinder because I was the little and like this place but not the Texas *Cries Brunei tears* Anyway good time in NYC I was the preteen
Edric Acero
Edric Acero Prije 2 mjeseci
So Anyway have the Questions of the Sidekick
Games with some Snoapydryeggs
Games with some Snoapydryeggs Prije 2 mjeseci
Darn I missed it it's what...2021?
duck the SIMP
duck the SIMP Prije 3 mjeseci
When you just saw this ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) 3 years later
Kaviomic K
Kaviomic K Prije 3 mjeseci
*Cries late tears*
Katie Macharashvili
Katie Macharashvili Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks recommendation you’re the best
Katie Macharashvili
Katie Macharashvili Prije 3 mjeseci
Heh right on the dayyyyyyyy HOW NIC-
-Abstract SD-
-Abstract SD- Prije 3 mjeseci
It seems I am 3 years too late
-Abstract SD-
-Abstract SD- Prije 3 mjeseci
@1PV MP1 lol
1PV MP1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Me when
Husky Boi
Husky Boi Prije 3 mjeseci
Is this event still happening you never said what year it would start or end so when I go to New York it should still be going
Rich Eleazar
Rich Eleazar Prije 3 mjeseci
Cries Pilipino Tears
Dawn Swartz
Dawn Swartz Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice shades:D
Raxiis Lycan
Raxiis Lycan Prije 4 mjeseci
Any chance u could do one in London ON, Canada? Its #1 on the list of "Canadian Cities that have raised the most Seriel Killers". Should be amusing to see ur reaction as it's still waaaay above the american standards for friendliest cities. Also, really? Just fan stuff? man I'd just wanna hang out, go get subway, play some video games, walk around town and shit, people put people on pedestals. Its bs
CrazyPuffsYT Prije 4 mjeseci
Me watching this in 2021 ;-;
Kenma Kinnie
Kenma Kinnie Prije 4 mjeseci
same bro :’)
Chika Fujiwara
Chika Fujiwara Prije 4 mjeseci
*Cries in asia*
Pawel NIEZNALSKI Prije 4 mjeseci
I would go if i wouldnt have to go there łike a week
Diamond Eclipse
Diamond Eclipse Prije 4 mjeseci
Cries later tears
LegendaryChubs Prije 4 mjeseci
Why do I get this recommended after 3 yrs like bruh it's too late now
Kayla Nicole Nolan
Kayla Nicole Nolan Prije 4 mjeseci
Tabs make some videos
Nameless Soul
Nameless Soul Prije 4 mjeseci
I wish I could come but I am in India...and it's 2021...lol
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Prije 5 mjeseci
I love how she's the only one who looks ready to murder you, and the other animaters are bright and cheery.
Sans_001 Prije 5 mjeseci
I can’t believe this was on my Birthday
Maiya Lopez
Maiya Lopez Prije 5 mjeseci
I am 3 years late :/
Almyra Schollmeyer
Almyra Schollmeyer Prije 5 mjeseci
I love this channel
「Lyzzii Chan」
「Lyzzii Chan」 Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm 3 years late
Yousef Hadi
Yousef Hadi Prije 6 mjeseci
My heart stopped when I saw that pizza.
soku- chan
soku- chan Prije 6 mjeseci
what happens if i dont wanna come and be a lazy bastard and ship my self there XD
Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito Prije 6 mjeseci
When someone comes so late and wonders where are they are.
redwood Prije 6 mjeseci
The emoji movie wasn’t even good
dragon fox gaming
dragon fox gaming Prije 6 mjeseci
Hi look im from 2020 stuck in a pandemic. See you in 2021
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper Prije 6 mjeseci
3 years later... AND I LIVE IN BRAZIL!! ;-;
ChrisClub Prije 6 mjeseci
*Crys VERY LATE tears ( 3 years late )
War Chief
War Chief Prije 6 mjeseci
Why New York?
Gritz - Gaming
Gritz - Gaming Prije 6 mjeseci
Cries 3 years later ;(
heidee duque
heidee duque Prije 7 mjeseci
ocelot gamer
ocelot gamer Prije 7 mjeseci
when everyone is wanting youtubers face reveal but it just a pic of onther person everyone goes dang f+ck
Odie Prije 7 mjeseci
Ryan Meksi
Ryan Meksi Prije 7 mjeseci
can i come even if i'm 3 years late? no? okay :/
Dee-dee the demon
Dee-dee the demon Prije 7 mjeseci
This was three years late!! Wow 😯
Romki Prije 7 mjeseci
I was happy till I realized this was 3 years ago
Potato Prije 7 mjeseci
0:58 nice
Octo Girl
Octo Girl Prije 7 mjeseci
I got this recommended in 2020 😂
LQ Prije 8 mjeseci
Damn I might be to late
popcorn! Prije 8 mjeseci
AhoyKoi Prije 8 mjeseci
please meet up at the days inn in the city of orange in california in room 405 and bring the package i sent you in your po box.
ok this is epic
ok this is epic Prije 8 mjeseci
Only 33k likes HOW
Slump Senju
Slump Senju Prije 8 mjeseci
**Drops Bacon, Egg, n cheese** No f**kin wayyy.....word to my moms, I got sad when I realized this was a old vid...😢
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes Prije 8 mjeseci
*me looks this is 3 years ago*
alexis cisneros
alexis cisneros Prije 8 mjeseci
I live in NYC
RAT Stand
RAT Stand Prije 8 mjeseci
RAT Stand
RAT Stand Prije 8 mjeseci
Scary penguin worshipper
Scary penguin worshipper Prije 8 mjeseci
Me lives right next to new York me ready the goes and sees posted 3years ago also me:😐
Mr Olli
Mr Olli Prije 8 mjeseci
I may have the money. But... AM IN GOD DAMM EUROPE... AHHHHHHHHHHH
AICooL Prije 8 mjeseci
My Asian ass too broke to go to the next majot city: *_*
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Prije 9 mjeseci
Sarah_ Animation
Sarah_ Animation Prije 9 mjeseci
Im kinda 3 years later
NOT Centic
NOT Centic Prije 9 mjeseci
Yes im bored
mercy mino
mercy mino Prije 9 mjeseci
Damn when you live in new york city but your 3 years to late cause you just started watching :(
GACHA Fam Prije 9 mjeseci
im watching this in 2020 and I wish I could still go before school starts up
Math Jack
Math Jack Prije 9 mjeseci
Dang it I’m 3 years late
Cindy Bharath
Cindy Bharath Prije 9 mjeseci
Does the virus not exist
Reload central
Reload central Prije 9 mjeseci
Aight im here where yall at
MallowAnimationsYT Prije 9 mjeseci
*Cries in European late tears*
The best Tommy Clarke
The best Tommy Clarke Prije 9 mjeseci
Your Chanel is never pg
Jonathan Parr
Jonathan Parr Prije 9 mjeseci
When u free I try to go there
PancakeTheWaffel :]
PancakeTheWaffel :] Prije 9 mjeseci
Yooooo this still up 3 years later ayy ill be there at 3
I might exist
I might exist Prije 10 mjeseci
Me: oh cool, a meetup! Also me: looks at date... Oh... Not to mention I'm broke
Gracie Dowden
Gracie Dowden Prije 9 mjeseci
I might exist lol
ali Prije 10 mjeseci
how about if your 3 years late?
Percy WONG
Percy WONG Prije 10 mjeseci
meet up? *ITS COVID 19 TIME*
łœæd Prije 10 mjeseci
i guarantee that somebody asked Tabbes to sign a baseball bat.
unknown the procrastinator
unknown the procrastinator Prije 10 mjeseci
tabbes: dont feel sad if you cant come this time around cuz we have way more events planned in the future the pandemic going around in the world right now: *are you sure about that?*
Peaceful Bacon
Peaceful Bacon Prije 10 mjeseci
Ty reccomedations
Unknown Colors
Unknown Colors Prije 10 mjeseci
anyone watching this in 2020 know that the emoji movie sucks
Klean 505
Klean 505 Prije 10 mjeseci
Jolie Ma
Jolie Ma Prije 10 mjeseci
*me watching this because I love Tabbes even if it's been 3 years since this was released*
• VerySamサマンサ •
• VerySamサマンサ • Prije 10 mjeseci
*Can I discord you?*
jamaican princess
jamaican princess Prije 10 mjeseci
DKSTER THE GAMER Prije 10 mjeseci
Sub to tabbes
cahlil the NAWR E2 tank engine
cahlil the NAWR E2 tank engine Prije 10 mjeseci
Rhys II
Rhys II Prije 10 mjeseci
Where are you all? I’m at the area
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit Prije 10 mjeseci
I love your videos so much
Carl Odelstierna
Carl Odelstierna Prije 10 mjeseci
Yay recommend 3 years and and 3 days after the meetup
Ruby Prije 10 mjeseci
Oh crap the prime kindergarten.
Weirdaweeb Prije 10 mjeseci
If I watched this 3 years earlier, my 10th birthday would have been great, if I lived in new York
BSHH Prije 10 mjeseci
Let’s go three years late
Furret Prije 10 mjeseci
Im not late right?
CrookedSmiles Prije 10 mjeseci
Wait- will it be okay if I’m 3 years late?
T 34
T 34 Prije 10 mjeseci
hey I have a question for you Tabbes! Do you watch anime? Cuz I do
children Ivie
children Ivie Prije 10 mjeseci
De Appelflappie
De Appelflappie Prije 10 mjeseci
Cake Prije 10 mjeseci
;-; I’ve been living in ny for years and I see this now
Billie Frogish
Billie Frogish Prije 10 mjeseci
Ikr :c
Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke
Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke Prije 10 mjeseci
Also coming from someone in 2020. The emoji movie sucks so don’t watch it. You literally had no excuse not to come. People call it one of the worst movies ever created. So it’s something worth missing, especially to meet your favorite youtubers
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