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L.V Prije 16 sati
`2:27 why is ice cream sandwich there XD
Xion Kale
Xion Kale Prije 22 sati
Le Principal: "School didn't wanna be responsible for any students getting hurt during school hours" Le School Shooter: -
CatGirl The Little Retard
CatGirl The Little Retard Prije dan
schools have security? oh america
Jack McMurray
Jack McMurray Prije dan
If you eat ever one of my oreo os from my box I will turn your insides into outsides
Himanshu Jha
Himanshu Jha Prije dan
3:12 Did she just said 'Andarle Andarle' 😶😶
Parker Firestone
Parker Firestone Prije dan
Adventure time come along grab your friends off to vary distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end adventure time
Matttboys Prije dan
Will I get killed due to the fact that I think she is just trying to be scary?
Midnight Mystery tha nerd
Midnight Mystery tha nerd Prije dan
lol like the adventure time part.
Daiten Dank man
Daiten Dank man Prije 2 dana
If I was the principal I would y’all HEY EVERYBODY SHUT THE FUCK UP
bede / vera
bede / vera Prije 2 dana
1:32 me who is the opposite and eats almost nothing: 0o0
the listener
the listener Prije 3 dana
You now what it is black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow you now what it is everything is do🤣
Lottie Morris
Lottie Morris Prije 4 dana
With faster than tabs killed something
Larisa Phillips
Larisa Phillips Prije 4 dana
The school Riot looks like BLM
The dawn of kris
The dawn of kris Prije 4 dana
tabbes just told us the plot of the story by saying if you wanted drugs thats why he prinapal did that
Dr.sandflea Prije 5 dana
Heres the salutation serve real food
Mouse of Screams
Mouse of Screams Prije 6 dana
I actually have one of the craziest riots one of my classmates started againts on every class by himself
Quarantine Compute
Quarantine Compute Prije 6 dana
Heres my example of my schools riot of some sorts. So basically there are a group of boys in my grade, which basically like to go to our assigned bathroom and mess it tf up. My grade had has this issue in the past with the bathroom, this year even. But these dumb idiots decided to f up our bathroom again on tuesday last week (6/1/21). Someone went to the principal (vice principal specifically because hes a man) and said that there was another issue in the bathroom. The next day after it was reported, basically the vp gathered everyone in the hallway and basically said "so ummmm basically now during lunch, all of the men need to be sat down quietly inside the school during lunch and only the women and people who were on the field trip yesterday (not me) can go outside during lunch." THIS MADE THE WHOLE GRADE (INCLUDING WOMEN AND THE PEOPLE ON THE FIELD TRIP) WAS PISSED. Litterally when vp let everyone out everyone started to say "this is stupid" or "this is dumb" and we all slugged back to class. The story doesn't end there. VP said that he would abolish the rule if whomever did f'ed up the bathroom admitted to it. So basically one of my friends """admited""" to it even though he didn't do it. VP belived him in this case and still let outside and eat lunch with everyone else. When vp announced that "who did it admitted to it" to everyone sitting in the cafeteria, the volume went from 40 DB to 50 DB with cheers and screams from everyone. So luckily in this case, everything ended well.
abrahamtrash Prije 6 dana
Most underrated animator
WeebKid Prije 7 dana
aidan cunningham
aidan cunningham Prije 8 dana
3:00 Gingerpale secret
The Minecraft player You know and love
The Minecraft player You know and love Prije 11 dana
Dude I love adventure time so much😁
Nascar heat 4
Nascar heat 4 Prije 11 dana
Man you are edgy girl I first found out about you from wolfychu you're awesome!
Kyrie Choung
Kyrie Choung Prije 13 dana
Ice cream sandwich
diyoung1 Prije 13 dana
Neil Charles
Neil Charles Prije 13 dana
Why so much fucking swereing
Kenadie Stanford
Kenadie Stanford Prije 14 dana
1:50, was that Todd from BoJack Horseman?
Steve Minecraft
Steve Minecraft Prije 14 dana
we’re they throwing knifes😳😳😳😳
SheldonsTurtleAdventures Prije 14 dana
I still attack anyone who touches my food when they touch my food
ItsJi Dan
ItsJi Dan Prije 15 dana
Them talking about the shit food Thye got Me at lunch:Time to drink cold Milo and eat the best meal I ever had
BatWing Z
BatWing Z Prije 16 dana
Nice the video is 6:09 min so 69
MR MELON Prije 16 dana
no warning no context no explanation and a gingerpale appeared in ur class
Numa limbu
Numa limbu Prije 17 dana
mcuk0109 Prije 17 dana
Kári Litli
Kári Litli Prije 17 dana
why is icecreamsandwich there
MomoGamerz Prije 18 dana
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem Prije 18 dana
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem Prije 18 dana
Simese The Cat
Simese The Cat Prije 20 dana
1:50 Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman?
森住文香 Prije 20 dana
Can some people see Sona at 3:34
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake Prije 21 dan
The public income methodologically spare because effect critically stretch alongside a rare jelly. shrill, aromatic leo
Ninja TDM
Ninja TDM Prije 21 dan
Tappes is a really physico
Drawing Cornet
Drawing Cornet Prije 21 dan
The chant was prob Hell Yes Let Us Go
Golden Pun
Golden Pun Prije 21 dan
People used to freakin SPRINT to lunch in Highschool It was freaking bizarre.
A Duck
A Duck Prije 22 dana
Cal Moore
Cal Moore Prije 22 dana
Inch = 30cm :)
Im a depressed cat
Im a depressed cat Prije 22 dana
Your in Japan are you
Pauline Saladin
Pauline Saladin Prije 22 dana
1:15 wait you mean I’ve been a high schooler my hole life?!?
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd Prije 24 dana
1:27 Noice. Adventure Time.
Spy gaming
Spy gaming Prije 24 dana
2:29 ice cream sandwich go sub to him
Mackenzie Oakes
Mackenzie Oakes Prije 24 dana
me who has to go to an outside school with a huge fence sperating it from the outside with flooding...umm ya then the lovebugs came and a kid got covered in them the end
nirbhai singh kooner
nirbhai singh kooner Prije 24 dana
I always bring my oreo with me
Dropping-Comp Prije 25 dana
Bruh if your in my fucking school the food is like prison food tf
John Doe
John Doe Prije 25 dana
Heh... American school never heard of responsability discharge? Make the students at the beginning of the year come with a note from their parents saying that between 12 to 1pm, they can go out to eat. Then the school checks with the parents by calling/e-maillng and you build up a list. Then every day you put a security guard at the entrance checking if students are on the list or not..
kenza fahim
kenza fahim Prije 26 dana
Yeah yesterday the teacher said we will no longer outside and we badasses we noked on every single house and when they saw us we said( bitch get some one to take care of you)
R Garcia
R Garcia Prije 26 dana
2:49 The captions : *The silence before the storm* A second later :*The storm *
Neo The Demon Angel
Neo The Demon Angel Prije 26 dana
5:19 is that Rebecca Parham from let me explain studios
William The gamer
William The gamer Prije 27 dana
fries and any sort of salty food is an auto DEATHWISH if you eat that persons food
xPanda Claw
xPanda Claw Prije 27 dana
Wow I used that Gif
Feline Queen
Feline Queen Prije 27 dana
Ayyy Ice cream sandwich
Jeremy O'Keefe
Jeremy O'Keefe Prije 28 dana
when she said insides into outsides i already speeed dialed the insane asylum and the swat team
Тимур Мартиненко
Тимур Мартиненко Prije 29 dana
hi Tabbes
Squeak motion
Squeak motion Prije mjesec
yesmanymuch Prije mjesec
why is no one talkin about ice cream sandwich there?
Bigmacmaster2911 gaming
Bigmacmaster2911 gaming Prije mjesec
This is my school except there was no riot so now I’m stuck with the school lunch and we have to stay in the school only the seniors can leave
Cartman Brah!
Cartman Brah! Prije mjesec
3:32 you can see Kyle Broflovski if u pause
• CookieChoccyMilk
• CookieChoccyMilk Prije mjesec
*``The equivalent of Having No Food in The Fridge.``*
aMinorTemperTantraum Prije mjesec
2:28 ice cream sandwich?
Davin Khosasi
Davin Khosasi Prije mjesec
there is afro
друг Prije mjesec
Someone in the class: PLEASE I NEED OXYGEN! I'M SUFFOCATING!!!!
Lucas Pärnänen
Lucas Pärnänen Prije mjesec
Love the adventure time refference
Memes_per_day Prije mjesec
Game of schools: Curse of the hat
Christopher Travers
Christopher Travers Prije mjesec
*when doom music kicks in*
Jugu-chu Prije mjesec
Is that grey hippo with a crown you? 2:28
Amy C
Amy C Prije mjesec
Bruh i just finished my HUNGER stage it sucks
Midnightcrisis38 Prije mjesec
Schools are always packed.
𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓪     𝓐𝓷𝓭𝓸𝓾
𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓪 𝓐𝓷𝓭𝓸𝓾 Prije mjesec
Darker Turn2.0
Darker Turn2.0 Prije mjesec
God loves you GO for him and Jesus Christ loves you and plz don’t say oh go# it’s a sin to you and Jesus Christ and god it is way better if you say oh my gosh them oh my go# but even if you say it he will still forget and forgive don’t be afraid everyone doesn’t God bless stay safe and no hate Amen👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼❤️🙇🏼‍♂️ no hate plz thanks or everybody no hate and wen you go outside pray for Elvis you can not see And revenge zodiac signs tattoos and not god it is God..
baby normans sickness
baby normans sickness Prije mjesec
idc how old this vid is, its always funny to watch
My elementary school would serve us the holiday special every Christmas. It LOOKED like cat food and TASTED like cat food and was even NICKNAMED "CAT FOOD SPECIAL."
UnRivals Prije mjesec
hm wonder why i have NEVER heard or seen a video of this
The gamer guardian
The gamer guardian Prije mjesec
Just to ask have you been keeping in touch with Afro,Reebok,gal,the kid on the street and jaws
Ay Cee
Ay Cee Prije mjesec
I would've stayed in the classroom and played on my phone.
Aaron Lam
Aaron Lam Prije mjesec
Was that the ice cream sandwich?
Reee Kid
Reee Kid Prije mjesec
Why do we have to PAY for shit that is school food
Tawny Still
Tawny Still Prije mjesec
My sister went with the coolest middle school ever. They were experimenting with child learning strategies and they worked. They allowed fun hair colors and hair styles, they had a very lenient dress code, and they all had chromebooks to use for school and they could redo all their assignments and test unlimited times. It helped alleviate stress and actually got the kids interested.
NeverNothingAlways Prije mjesec
Hehe I understood the why did u eat my fries thing
Jason Black
Jason Black Prije mjesec
My school had a riot over off campus lunch as well (the school population was 2500 and happened back in 2006) They found a cigarette butt on parking lot and it was almost like your story, just randomly they said on the announcements “no more off campus lunch” and it wasn’t a delayed thing, it was an immediate response from the students who all basically dropped everything and ran to the lunch room to argue over it and You could literally see the principal standing behind the window finally understanding the situation but couldn’t fix the problem with giving us back our off campus lunch. Like 10 mins later there was like 50 fights breaking out, a group of students picked up a table (they where those small round tables for Like 10 peoples) and rammed it at the window into the office, people started throwing chairs and yes several people got hurt, people started tossing school supplies, fights started breaking out. I was standing next to my brother and his gf and he said we need to get out of here and luckily I found my gf in the crowd and dragged her away and we went this class room that had a window that showed the entire lunch room. We locked the door and basically watched the riot go on then like 5 mins after we got up there like 200+ cops stormed the building along with the riot squad and they managed to herd everyone into the gym and kept them there for hours and released everyone for the entire day but only in small increments. The police did a sweep of the school and found us, questioned us then released us with the first group. We all went home and school was canceled the next day which was a Friday. Then Monday we all returned and where lead into the auditorium where they told us they can’t reverse the rule change as of now and upped up security for the day and basically told everyone to go to class and accept it. Everything was going ok but clearly people where pissed off and me group decided to skip lunch and go to that classroom again to see if another riot takes place and it was like a small fire that turned into a forest fire. Half the lunch room didn’t even have a seat which caused a few fights to break out leading into more fights then boom, full scale riot goes off again and it was just violent has the first one. The whole school was put on lockdown but they didn’t account for the 2nd lunch group which basically started destroying the school from the inside and they had to call in more cops and riot squad again. And they basically said they had to just let it die out. The school was left in a huge mess that resulted in the building being shut down for a week for repairs and cleaning. On Monday they basically gave up and gave us back our off campus lunch with an extra 30 mins to appease us. I think the result was 350+ people where arrested on all kinds of charges from inciting a riot to assault. Well over 1000 people got injured and many where put in the hospital but most where minor injuries. Since I played baseball, they still had practice and convinced the school to let us just work out in the weights room (which shockingly wasn’t destroyed except for the mirrors being broken) but of course we explored the school and saw the entire library was destroyed, classrooms where destroyed, hallways where just littered with papers and debris from the ceiling, I don’t even think we saw a single bulletin board that was not broken on the ground. The bathrooms lmao, everyone of them had all the toilets broken, sinks broken, stalls broken etc etc. All the vending machines where raided, all the tables where broken with their chairs. Hell I’d be shocked if any of the computers worked afterwards. It was a literal warzone. But could have been avoided if they didn’t take away off campus lunch.
Clayton Voges
Clayton Voges Prije mjesec
Was that kid literally icecream sandwich?
Noob Duck
Noob Duck Prije mjesec
Would you like it i touched youre food Me: would you like it if i said something like that to you?
The 747 Is not dead
The 747 Is not dead Prije mjesec
“Andalei Andalei” PERFECCIÓN....
escape plan
escape plan Prije mjesec
Tabbes gets to the center of the hallway and she sees the guys t-posing around the principal while screaming the halo theme song
Harigana Arreguin
Harigana Arreguin Prije mjesec
3:17, can’t do that anymore 🥲
A Stoopid Person
A Stoopid Person Prije mjesec
My highschool didn't have a cafeteria until the beginning of this year- With over 1500 kids
L Klaauw
L Klaauw Prije mjesec
e lol
e lol Prije mjesec
Cant you just make lunch?not during but before
Magnum Fowler
Magnum Fowler Prije mjesec
I know this is an old video but did you go to the same school as Ice Cream Sandwich?
Robert Sng
Robert Sng Prije mjesec
Before Covid: 3:21 After Covid: *silence*
K Prije mjesec
Up to the bay and what the fuck
birb Prije mjesec
am i the only one that thought the shcool food pictures look goooooood or am i just weird 0_0
joel gerson
joel gerson Prije mjesec
i have the kirby food thin in f ing elemantry school
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