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Hey everyone, its been a while since I uploaded due to the meetup that lasted a few weeks. So sorry about that. Its been great meeting those who came to the fan meet (thanks for coming btw) and all the kinders who came to visit New York. School is right around the corner.. Good fun.

Heres a video with a compilation of a few Playground stories to remind you when life was all fun and games.




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The Random Person yt
The Random Person yt Prije 36 minuta
tabbs you put a song from poico school
enticing poem2
enticing poem2 Prije dan
Tabbes: I don't know how to use the cards, I just think their neat!
Bruh Why
Bruh Why Prije dan
I ate chips this entire video
Kawaii Dreams
Kawaii Dreams Prije 2 dana
The merry-go-round was taken out as well. In the park near cause some kids would get damn burns.
Aron Prije 2 dana
When I was at the playground I got stabbed by bark alot
spy633 minecraft!
spy633 minecraft! Prije 2 dana
one time i was at the play ground and my friend got so lucky he was almost hit by a car
OmegaTurtle Prije 2 dana
0:44 Lol I actually do play with a ps3 super slim because we can’t afford a ps4/5
bfxml Prije 2 dana
We had a ps3 but my baby sis wasted water on it. It stilled worked years later it became a old ps3
Stephen Sanford
Stephen Sanford Prije 2 dana
4:33 dream
A Stoopid Person
A Stoopid Person Prije 3 dana
School was where i had those kinds of moments
Mai makes Minecraft
Mai makes Minecraft Prije 4 dana
Lil’ tabbes is basically my entire life in a nutshell
kellsoneDragon girl
kellsoneDragon girl Prije 4 dana
Ah yes me like you 🙂🙃😐😑😋😛😝😜🤪🤔😶☹️🙄🤔😋😑😔😕😬🤐😲🤯🥳🤩 like the animation do you do you do you do you do you do you? 🤪
kellsoneDragon girl
kellsoneDragon girl Prije 4 dana
Oh by the way s*** that mountain bike girl
Isaiah Hinds
Isaiah Hinds Prije 4 dana
100% relate
Dark Foxie
Dark Foxie Prije 5 dana
A merry-go-round injured people? I don’t have to be embarrassed of falling offa seesaw and breaking my arm why is was young anymore!
Liam Garrett
Liam Garrett Prije 5 dana
4:32. insert doom eternal music
Alien Sister
Alien Sister Prije 5 dana
Pico school music-
shaming chen
shaming chen Prije 5 dana
Did u know someeeee kids stand on the swings and play when u still standing are stillllllllllll on it u know how bad that isss
zahra Al taee
zahra Al taee Prije 6 dana
0:42 I was just gever aloud go out because my mom was a strict introvert who didn't trust ppl unless she knew them for at least a year period.
Yeetus Cleetus
Yeetus Cleetus Prije 7 dana
(Watching story #3) (hears Pico’s School Music) HOLY SHIT SHE KNOWS THE GAME (I hope)
Eva Pineda
Eva Pineda Prije 7 dana
Someone ran me over with a bike too. 🥲
Lost Prije 10 dana
Bro I swear everyone got injured from merry go rounds at one point
This happened not to long ago so here it is (it's not as bad as some of the other story's) so me and my friend was swinging and...let's call them b**** so b**** came up to me and was like "what ya doing loser" so I said " none of you business b**** now f*** off" wasn't even that bad and they got PISSED and I was almost to the point on the swing where it could flip over so while I was going back they grab the swing as HARD as they could and I went flying up off the swing then FACE PLANNTING ON THE GROUND FROM LIKE 8 FEET IN THE AIR so I was knocked out and while I was knocked out I guess a teacher saw so they ran over and felt my pulse (probably thinking I was dead) so when I woke up I was told everything and the next day I felt like s*** I couldn't move I had to stay home I felt like I was gonna die let's just say when I got back to school b**** got what they deserved.
me and my birbs
me and my birbs Prije 10 dana
In my kindergarten playground we had one of those merry go around or smthn we did the same thing and we dug a tunnel underneath and we claimed under while it went rlly fast yes some pepole got hurt no one died tho .-.
Daiva Šablevičienė
Daiva Šablevičienė Prije 12 dana
samiha begum
samiha begum Prije 13 dana
Im at school we dont do bubble gum bubblegum we do black shoe black shoe change your black shoe and whoevers shoe got picked they had to change it and it went on and on until the final person then 2 seconds after they were picked everyone would run away lol
RTG_Puppet Prije 13 dana
Ayo i had those spin things or whatever I have to admit WE ZOOMED a lot of kids were injured and then thet took it out of my school
Dark Rose
Dark Rose Prije 14 dana
Why does the song so familiar at 2:30 I FEEL LIKE I REMEMBER SOMETHING BUT I DON’T KNOW
Rainlily 3-oh-5
Rainlily 3-oh-5 Prije 9 dana
It's a song from pico's school. It usually plays during the cut scenes featuring any of the antagonists.
blaze 123
blaze 123 Prije 15 dana
Pico's school music is that bike kid Cassandra
друг Prije 15 dana
Tabbes: it's summer! Where you all at? Me:ⁱ'ᵐ ᵐᵉˡᵗᵉᵈ
adele lise
adele lise Prije 15 dana
Me and my siblings on the trampoline 1:29
🎦gaming with Gatorade🎦
🎦gaming with Gatorade🎦 Prije 15 dana
My god she played the pico s school music lollll
Amber Tembreull
Amber Tembreull Prije 15 dana
I went to a park and got sampled by kids when I was only 5
chady chady
chady chady Prije 15 dana
dude we play tag too and people are being racist and saying the F word
Maria Moreno
Maria Moreno Prije 15 dana
The song is talking smack from picos school
Kigby Prije 15 dana
this woman had the same life as me growing up,Like we were like,9 or 10 or something and we be swearing,we be "dating" even tho literally every couple would break up in the next 3 weeks,we be making adult jokes,we be hitting eachother with (nerf) GUNS,Not shooting eachother,literally whaking eachother and using plastic swords as if it was the apocolypse
Avy Albert
Avy Albert Prije 15 dana
just that whole sign scene made me crack up. like - what the fuck am i supposed to do?
Ahmed Hussain
Ahmed Hussain Prije 16 dana
00:28 We used to be able to run in our school and it was awesome, we would jump out slides and run rampet. But then a student hurt his head against a corner. Then O left, and then I left. A year ago I heard that the same kid hurt his head again and then the school never allowed to run and lost it's homelike vibe
Coconut Gamer1232
Coconut Gamer1232 Prije 16 dana
OK she’s gangster
Rising Dragon
Rising Dragon Prije 16 dana
I have been saying bad words and with my other brother he says good job and at a playground I would punch the kids bikes or I shoot them with a nerf gun and the bikers will try and ram the baby’s who do that or the do that to bully so that’s why I kick the wheels of the bikes and there’s cops at the parks so kids would try and pretend to hurt them but they end up being scared and running away and the teens will literally not take kindly to a baby they will literally try and step on a baby but the baby’s moms will see so the kids like 8 or 10 run and fight the teens but there usually hurt or the kids are getting injured 🤕 or cops arrested them already
PikaJunge Prije 17 dana
4:13 for Mans like Me dont
Grey G
Grey G Prije 17 dana
"get the f*ck out" XDw
Amy Foe-A-Man
Amy Foe-A-Man Prije 17 dana
I always sleeping so MANY time because i stay up
Jayden Prije 17 dana
the merry go round at my school was this mushroom thing that was sat at an angle. youd hang on as tight as you can and if you fell and you were little, it hurt.
lili datunashvili
lili datunashvili Prije 17 dana
Michael Brickey
Michael Brickey Prije 18 dana
One time a kid stepped on my head and broke my nose. dont ask
nezuko-chan Prije 18 dana
Holy that is exactly me in the playground like I brake my wrist multiple times its unbelievable.😂🤣
Hazel Mizzi
Hazel Mizzi Prije 18 dana
i've got a playground story of my own once me my mum, nan and little brother went to the park there were these poles that you can slide down so i tried the first time i was fine second time i landed on my butt so hard that it quite literally felt like i broke my back the pain lasted at least a week that was the most painful memory i have of going to the playground.
villager gaming
villager gaming Prije 18 dana
My comics make no sense
villager gaming
villager gaming Prije 18 dana
Do you know a PS4 you mean a PS4 are we now PS5
SNImportant Prije 19 dana
There is someone who 360 the swing
Kat Cat wolf
Kat Cat wolf Prije 19 dana
You had a merry go round- =0 I've only been on one of those ONCE! That's cool! I hope I can ride one soon TwT
Kishni_Raibus Prije 20 dana
tabbes: tag was the BOMB me: tag go DIE i don't have the STAMINA for this
Kishni_Raibus Prije 20 dana
rando kid: I CAN SEE MY BONE me: night before has a weirdass dream about all themeat in hand getting removed and then peeling back the skin to see the bone
FLOWER_LIZAR Prije 20 dana
2:31 I just realized pico schools music playing in the background
DB Studios
DB Studios Prije 20 dana
0:40 this aged well
Virginia Zatarain
Virginia Zatarain Prije 20 dana
Maria Altamirano
Maria Altamirano Prije 21 dan
ive been rolled over by a bike to before
Ya boi Vinny
Ya boi Vinny Prije 21 dan
Is that pico school music? 4:33
-insert funny username here-
-insert funny username here- Prije 22 dana
When I was younger, I hated school so much I wanted a broken arm or something. Skip forward to when school was going well and I broke my arm and was forced to crawl across the floor on all fours for a play with a fucking cast on my arm. Needless to say, I had bad rashed and the teachers did nothing. That's not even all the reasons I hated primary school
kenzie morrison
kenzie morrison Prije 22 dana
yaa i do remember doing stupid stuff as a kid stuff that could really hurt someone. but the funny thing is my sisters that broke their bones did it well harmlessly playing
Gucciboy L L
Gucciboy L L Prije 22 dana
And that’s how you go to the hunger games you swear
Todd Sincavage
Todd Sincavage Prije 22 dana
pico's school music is epic
John Behan
John Behan Prije 22 dana
Thank you
ry an
ry an Prije 23 dana
2nd music sauce?
Simone Jon Englis
Simone Jon Englis Prije 23 dana
tabbes: **doesn't have arms** me: i mean like you can draw with your mouth? i guess...
LRPGaming Prije 23 dana
0:22 this did not age well
Athan Prije 23 dana
Diggy diggy diamond, bubble gum bubble gum nah I had fuckin Tarzan Tarzan broke his balls . 😂 lmao me and Cj made it up
John Behan
John Behan Prije 24 dana
Probably Twin
· Cæk ·
· Cæk · Prije 24 dana
2:31: wait. Is that picos school music?
tizielechicero Prije 24 dana
2:29 go pico-
Karis Maurer
Karis Maurer Prije 25 dana
im only commenting because i had a heart attack when i heard the pico's school OST multiple times
toast toons
toast toons Prije 24 dana
Time stamps?
The Art Frenzy
The Art Frenzy Prije 25 dana
me:gets demonitized by saying fuck one time tabbes: says 25678 bad words per second and doesn't get banned or demonitized
James Prije 25 dana
Watching this reminded me of my old playground, where we had this wooden "jungle gym". We never knew what it was, so we just called it boat (or pirate boat, depending on what we played). When playing tag we would set up the play area, the playground itself was surrounded by a small metal fence, but there was also a semi big field (usually people would walk their dog there or use it to sunbathe), so either the play area would be only inside the fence or (if we had enough kids) everywhere. But that "boat" was just the best especially if you only had two or three kids, because you could duck and weave our way around what was essentially an area which was barely large enough to fit two cars and as I realized some years after also only a bit taller than 2 m (~6ft), so games of tag felt more intense because you couldn't just sprint away but had to be clever and nimble. Unfortunately they removed it almost ten years ago, I think they actually renovated it because it was already old when I started using it, but the replace- or improvement (not quite sure which it is honestly) just isn't the same anymore, so I consider it gone.
Sleepy bunbun
Sleepy bunbun Prije 26 dana
I’m watching this in 2021
🏳️‍🌈Adalynn Fetters🏳️‍🌈
🏳️‍🌈Adalynn Fetters🏳️‍🌈 Prije 26 dana
Anyone talking about how she used Picos school music? This music:
Cruit proncha
Cruit proncha Prije 27 dana
smol broccoli boi
smol broccoli boi Prije 27 dana
When I was a kid I ate dirt
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes Prije 27 dana
I saw a kid pop a kidney jumping off a wall in a playground when I was a kid.
Roblox Space Program
Roblox Space Program Prije 28 dana
ok from this day on so and so forth i betray the name tabbles on u
FreddBOI999 Prije 29 dana
I just noticed if anything happens in tabbes videos talkin smack plays from pico’s school
Plz Go to my new grounds page put in me0128
Plz Go to my new grounds page put in me0128 Prije 29 dana
Squaz Prije 28 dana
Sleeping Groke
Sleeping Groke Prije 29 dana
I remember once climbing on top of a tree once with a friend. Like, straight of to the top. No safety measures what so ever.
bernie Fitzgerald
bernie Fitzgerald Prije 29 dana
Any accident: happens Vid: pico school theme plays
Your cursed thing
Your cursed thing Prije 29 dana
When I was a kid we tried to break each other's bones too see who was the strongest and then they were instantly the leader of a group of kids. Until one kid actually broke a kids bones. (About 9 to be exact) and was in the hospital for months.
Isaiah Hinds
Isaiah Hinds Prije mjesec
i 100 relate to this
Seyf Harb
Seyf Harb Prije mjesec
Once my friend got her finger dislocated when we were playing tag and she had to go to the hospital
OnyxTh3Ripqer Prije mjesec
Did anyone else create another government system and economy for their playground? No? Just me? ;(
The_Roblox_Blondie Prije mjesec
You’re not alone my sister ran over me with a bike to 😂😂😂
Cailey Adams
Cailey Adams Prije mjesec
I was once on a swing and tried to jump off and when I did, I fell off and hit my back so hard i couldn’t breath. I was 7.
MistyYT Prije mjesec
"Playing on thier PS3s." Me- dead of nostalgia
Fake Gamer
Fake Gamer Prije mjesec
Haha that is relatable
Duckwithahat Prije mjesec
When I was a small child, I tried to break my nose, just for the hell of it
Supreme Papi
Supreme Papi Prije mjesec
3:00 its afro
Mad Machanicest
Mad Machanicest Prije mjesec
i did some stupid monkey bar stunt as a kid and broke my arm. turns out I have a Calcium deficiency and my boons were bird lick. braking my arm saved my life because if my arm had not broken my fall I would have broken my nack and kid my self at like age 8.
kwjejeb Fiji
kwjejeb Fiji Prije mjesec
She had pico music
Teiara Franklin
Teiara Franklin Prije mjesec
Why did you have to play Pico’s School music
Zinc Afton
Zinc Afton Prije mjesec
Oooooof that disgusting
Oj Hernandez
Oj Hernandez Prije mjesec
Edward Sanchez
Edward Sanchez Prije mjesec
0:00 reminded me of brewstew
Stacy Martinez
Stacy Martinez Prije mjesec
Why do my parents not let me watch tabbes like why? Help my parents
random memer
random memer Prije mjesec
PS3 I’m a ps5
wantsomemayo_? 001
wantsomemayo_? 001 Prije mjesec
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