Sibling Rivalry

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I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far, if it has even started.

Dedicated to my bro who looks at me just as annoyingly, even though hes probably not watching this.

Also a correction, artwork at the end is made by @smol_png on Twitter, not Pepiot. Sorry bout that




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Molten Bendy
Molten Bendy Prije 5 sati
I have 2 brothers once one of them tried to take my wallet
kenma's cat
kenma's cat Prije 13 sati
my sibling is like your brother girl version and older sister but she was the fav so ???????
Firestorm The Wolf
Firestorm The Wolf Prije 18 sati
I have 4 brothers, one of them is my twin brother. We shared a lot of things. Consoles, computer, TV, etc. What really makes me wonder on, how we are so much different. And am not taking about different gender and height. I would eat almost anything on my plate, including vegetables and fruits. While my twin brother would complain about it and try to remove the vegetables and fruits. Also personality, I am very laughable and most of time is smiling. While my twin is like Ruv from Friday night funkin. Just dead inside. No smile or anything. It takes a while for him to smile or even laugh.
Queeter Whittle
Queeter Whittle Prije 19 sati
Hearing this brother-sister relationship, I think about how being the bigger brother should be a role I need to fulfill... *BY DOING THE EXACT THINGS HE DOES!!!*
•toffee cake•
•toffee cake• Prije 21 sat
As an only child it is quite lonely, especially for the only children with parents who work at places like hospitals.
godly_gamer Prije dan
I have 3 rivals in this case
Olyvia Vanity
Olyvia Vanity Prije dan
Sadly the way my brain works makes some emotions hard to process, so there are few people that I would actually care if they dissapeared in any capacity. My relatives are not a part of that list for personal reasons, that developed over years of mental and verbal abuse.
Mr Toast
Mr Toast Prije dan
my sister when we temporarily shared a room when we first moved she would get mad at me for leaving the door very slightly cracked then when she leaves to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen she left the door WIDE OPEN like hitting the wall open then acts like she never leaves it open ever
Giyuu Drake
Giyuu Drake Prije dan
Mm children 👌🏻
KarmaTomboyYT Prije 2 dana
My brother would cringe and ask questions too if I act nice to him
Dum Dum dudh
Dum Dum dudh Prije 2 dana
Aww you brother is just like my brother...... Annoying
Jessigecko Roblox
Jessigecko Roblox Prije 2 dana
how common is this lol
Kaban Prije 2 dana
Sorry to tell you but I think I’m your brother
maggie the rainwing
maggie the rainwing Prije 2 dana
im the younger sibling and let me tell you, it gets annoying hearing all the older siblings complaining about everything we do. one we are lifetime slaves. if you say no to your sibling when they ask you to get them a glass of water, or go find the remote, or get the chip bag and bring it to them AND THEN PROCEDE TO NOT SHARE A SINGLE CHIP WITH YOU!. also when their friends are over they act all nice and say please and thank you and set the table by themselves to make you look mean and lazy and then when their gone they say stuff like "oh i set the table on my own last night so im not gonna help you tonight" or "you never ask me nicely to use MY rubix cube" when its not even his because your supposed to share it. also even though older siblings say parents always take the younger siblings side in arguments THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. you'll argue that he said you could come in to play on his xbox for ten minutes but he only let you stay on it for five and then you came back in just to see what he was doing and all he was doing was playing on his phone then he argues "but its my xbox" and your parents are like he's right and plus we trust him more because he is older and more mature. im not saying i hate my brother i love him but like QUIT COMPLAINING WE HAVE IT ROUGH TOO LOL.
comrad is crazy
comrad is crazy Prije 2 dana
I got 6 siblings I can relate
Midnight Prije 2 dana
Lol why do I relate to you with this, Tabbes?
Omni anxiety
Omni anxiety Prije 3 dana
Siblings be like: Me: *Hits brother* My brother: *gets bullied in school* Me: So anyway, I started throwing punches.
Das German chad
Das German chad Prije 3 dana
All the only children have social anxiety he he he
MikeToob Prije 3 dana
This would be a lot more relatable if my only sibling wasn't two years old.
quarantine club
quarantine club Prije 3 dana
I hate my brother to the point of where I held a knife to his throat
Xion Kale
Xion Kale Prije 3 dana
i have a Younger brother... we don't fight... he is 7years younger than me and fears me more than my parents... he might raise voice to my parents given that he hit his puberty but not me... and every policy goes towards me... i am like the Authoritarian regime that he will never dare to revolt against cause he knows he might have to die if he does... and i beat that sense into him from a really young age :)
Anastasia Orjonikidze
Anastasia Orjonikidze Prije 4 dana
your bro is still so CUTE
Mārtiņš Kablukovs
Mārtiņš Kablukovs Prije 5 dana
Wow... it sounds nice that you and your sibling got to school at the same time.
Sir Wolfy
Sir Wolfy Prije 5 dana
When me and my siblings fight one of us gets killed I have the record of staying alive
sonic the mango
sonic the mango Prije 5 dana
I have two siblings. First sibling is 2 years older than me(I am gonna call him john for this comment). John comes like every 5 seconds to me and makes me mad how boring he is(he punches me always, then starts saying stupid things I said 5 years ago, one time he almost KILL me, etc.). Second sibling is 4 years older than me... And you know that relation between us is not very good (it is not good at all).
BOBZILLA 5000 Prije 6 dana
Aww hes cute
D U C K Prije 6 dana
No YeLLInG On THE BuS Prije 7 dana
"It probably does get a little lonely sometimes" 11 year me with XBOX live and TF2: "we don't do that here"
James B-F
James B-F Prije 7 dana
wow there family is like my family
Marissa Foust
Marissa Foust Prije 7 dana
I don't have to have this because I am the youngest
John Dersell
John Dersell Prije 8 dana
I hate my big sister
Megan Hubbard
Megan Hubbard Prije 8 dana
It does get boring
Sophia Chan
Sophia Chan Prije 8 dana
Thingis I’m the middle child and both of my siblings are male
pineapple for days lol
pineapple for days lol Prije 8 dana
I have six siblings my mom is expecting triplets and we have 1 dog
EEVEE Hill Prije 9 dana
Can 👽
ohsolittletiger Gaming
ohsolittletiger Gaming Prije 9 dana
Your brother seems so cute. Do I get to die now? because this world is hell.
DeltaC1 Prije 9 dana
It does get lonely :(
Deanna Fuller
Deanna Fuller Prije 9 dana
Your brother scratches you one of my sister bites me. I have 8 sisters. 1 passed. Im the eldest and they are all scared of me. You wanna take too long in thr bathroom you know well ima walk in a snatch your hair and drag you out. You wanna not close my door. Ima walk over and snatch your hair till your willing to close me door. Im the most violent and the most powerful. That have nothing on me. I even have blackmail. Folders of it too! 👑 I am qwiin
Kevin Atz
Kevin Atz Prije 9 dana
All i call my sister is bitch or idiot we wwe style battle
I’Lee Bailey
I’Lee Bailey Prije 10 dana
Aawww yr brothers so cute
OliviaDaBrightSofa Prije 10 dana
THIS IS SO TRUEEEEEEEEE i am the only one that can hate my lil bro also i gust got in a fist fight with him and then got this recomended is my comp lisening....
Mipan_ Llama
Mipan_ Llama Prije 10 dana
Mipan_ Llama
Mipan_ Llama Prije 10 dana
Dang tabbes has a sweet side
Alex_origins Prije 10 dana
ive got an older sister and as you said makes life difficult but fun we also fight all the time so uhhhhh yeeeeee i gave her a black eye yesterday
gia lonn
gia lonn Prije 11 dana
me with younger brothers who are twins: ok i might have instagaited it but im not the one fighting ok?
Storm the Wolf
Storm the Wolf Prije 12 dana
The best way to win as the youngest is try to cry as loud as you can to attract attention and as I live one rule of being the middle child is that you don’t exist
Mr. Oreo
Mr. Oreo Prije 12 dana
Tabbes and his brother: * Can’t stand each other. * Me and my 4 siblings: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
santiago sandoval
santiago sandoval Prije 12 dana
This is almost EXACTLY the sibling relationship me and my 2 sisters have.
Louisa Jackson
Louisa Jackson Prije 12 dana
i'm the youngest child 😈
Just random pog guy
Just random pog guy Prije 12 dana
Is your brother cute
Lilac Skies
Lilac Skies Prije 13 dana
"it was pretty nice having him around" *What the fuck did you do to him*
друг Prije 14 dana
So i thing: if you have little brother,you REALLY stuck in this life!
william gonzalez
william gonzalez Prije 14 dana
Is it just me or does me and my sibings try to make the feild even or be the dominate one
Kia mi
Kia mi Prije 14 dana
One day I’ll be as good as tabbes, one day 🛐🛐🛐
ODISHOO productions
ODISHOO productions Prije 14 dana
Love your videos [ :
Veronica Williamson
Veronica Williamson Prije 14 dana
As an only child yes it does get lonely, I once talked to an acorn
Bedrock Frog
Bedrock Frog Prije 14 dana
me and my 3 other siblings be like🙃
Codiiboii Prije 15 dana
0:02 Brother.exe has stopped responding
ALEX FRANK Prije 15 dana
PeggyInSky Prije 15 dana
Nah, I hate my brother
Enter first tame
Enter first tame Prije 15 dana
3:46 autually one if you use a wood chipper
Zooey Smith
Zooey Smith Prije 15 dana
every sibling be like 2:09
Sadia Tasneem
Sadia Tasneem Prije 15 dana
Your brother is kinda like Megan and your Drake from show called "Drake and Josh".
Thang Phan Quoc
Thang Phan Quoc Prije 16 dana
I’m an only child but the neighbors kid keeps on coming to my house so it’s not that different than having a sibling
the_gentlman Prije 16 dana
OH MY GOSH is he playing over watch what's it like I play TF2
Cosmo Winspear-Shine
Cosmo Winspear-Shine Prije 16 dana
this is such a perfect example of me and my brother
Isaiah Hinds
Isaiah Hinds Prije 17 dana
subscribe to tabbes or your not getting presents for christmas
luke gilmour
luke gilmour Prije 17 dana
my brother shattered dislocated and broke my arm
Mary Jane Williams
Mary Jane Williams Prije 18 dana
Wow your brother is kinda sus ngl
Bendy Of The Ink Machine
Bendy Of The Ink Machine Prije 18 dana
Ur brother sounds like a Cuddley Muffin ❤️❤️
Sad vibe checker
Sad vibe checker Prije 18 dana
Me and my brother re the same
Cola Er godt
Cola Er godt Prije 19 dana
I hate my broder
ballalvu8 Prije 20 dana
discontinuing Prije 20 dana
tabbes got eaten
Madeleine Musgrave
Madeleine Musgrave Prije 21 dan
Reasons to live: “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.” - [ ] 1: We would miss you - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive - [ ] 3: It does get better, believe it or not, it will eventually get better. - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone, even yourself tell you otherwise. - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live! - [ ] 8: So many people care about you - [ ] 9: You are amazing - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you - [ ] 11: I care for you - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you - [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!!
love yourself
love yourself Prije 21 dan
You're lucky you didn't throw METAL stuff at your sibling and your other sibling threw metal at you, which leading to having cuts, bruises, swelling cuts.
Megablast Prije 22 dana
The baby paint is only red
Vaughan Alessi
Vaughan Alessi Prije 22 dana
I have 2 Siblings and I am the youngest
ostronic 5
ostronic 5 Prije 22 dana
신아리 오스고 있내
GachaLloydDerpi Prije 22 dana
I have 2 brother's 2 sisters i can relate to this!!
Ramôn Nuñez
Ramôn Nuñez Prije 22 dana
I scratch my bother some times
Reshan Fernando
Reshan Fernando Prije 23 dana
I am the only child of my family and I do get a shit tone of random stuff but let me tell you I'd fucking kill for less attention cause like my parent are super invassive and no matter what I do I can never fly under the radar. I got caught playing video games and I was grounded. Sure I HAD AN EXAM COMING but i was studin the whole day damn it. Also my mom is dead.
Shadow Coves
Shadow Coves Prije 23 dana
I dont give a crap about my sibling I will be lonely
dinoandscooter Prije 23 dana
0:51 indeed it does
vanillayogurt Prije 23 dana
0:51 hell na
Cosplay Computer
Cosplay Computer Prije 23 dana
see my oldest sister is a year younger than me and does all these same fucking things and it pisses me off im glad someone understands how it feels
CVIROUS 2.0 Prije 23 dana
i feel you
Golden Cherries
Golden Cherries Prije 24 dana
I can relate
Jordan -3-
Jordan -3- Prije 24 dana
•Nixie Gacha•
•Nixie Gacha• Prije 24 dana
Qqqqqq shhh doooo nokkkk kooooooo piccccc laaaaa Translate: heyo tabbes hasn’t posted on 5 months
John Behan
John Behan Prije 24 dana
I do get lonely sometimes
StereoFroggy Prije 24 dana
My brother steals memes from me that he’s never heard of. For example: Me: *is in a situation where it fits* why do I hear boss music? My brother the next day who has never heard anyone say that before: *is in an inappropriate situation*. WHy Do I hEaR bOsS muSic
daddypiss Prije 25 dana
*when you're an only child and you're still not the favourite child*
Midnight meztli
Midnight meztli Prije 25 dana
But what is the joke tho ( ̄. ̄) I wanna know
Gabrieli Qarchava
Gabrieli Qarchava Prije 25 dana
I am ten now but when I was eight My sister broke my nose
saikiologii Prije 26 dana
Lmaooo imagine being like the brother ☠️ Lol I’m like the brother 😌🤌🏾
Am I ok? I don’t know.
Am I ok? I don’t know. Prije 26 dana
0:43 no yea that’s how it is, this is coming from an only child too
Kakadu Prije 27 dana
my big sister and I are cool with each other and I love it.
1oneHunna ,
1oneHunna , Prije 27 dana
This was the video I found out about tabbes lol
Dream Solo
Dream Solo Prije 28 dana
this was 1 day after my birthday
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