Locked in a Cellar

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S.O.S im trapped in an airport.

SPECIAL THANKS TO (voice actors)

GAL/ Barbie Girl: Chilly Panda hrpost.info/past/1nM.html...

Afro: Robert the dictator

Some kid we found on the street: Luvu

Teacher: Lispie





ALT LINK (If its not working): discord.gg/tnnnhgJ




LittleBrainKayla 1
LittleBrainKayla 1 Prije sat
My trio: Me, Anti-social introvert, Loud and funny idiot
Ron Swanson Meat lover
Ron Swanson Meat lover Prije 12 sati
Wow, I cant believe that a church basement would be that scary lol
TheSkrimpKing Prije 13 sati
My gang: -big -Valkyrie -Mexicano -Jerkface -Syren -Kase -blond
RyxlFN Prije 14 sati
My squad: B side Darnell B side Nene If I was realistic: Crazy kid The couple The guy who colorblind as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc
Cendimix Kenden
Cendimix Kenden Prije 17 sati
This is my 18th time watching this and somehow I've only just now noticed the pirahnah plant...
Alan Sherwood
Alan Sherwood Prije dan
0:35 maybe he had ADHD because I have ADHD and sounds a lot like it. just never let us go on crack or caffeine
nich5551 nich5551
nich5551 nich5551 Prije dan
WHAT IF THAT CELLER IS A ROOM THAT IS ACTALLY A TORTCHURE ROOM!!???in the day its just a celler, and in the night it become a tortchure room!! thats probily why a afro saw a red eye in there!!!
bede / vera
bede / vera Prije 2 dana
2:29 KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE (ourah highschool host club intro plays)
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Prije 3 dana
My gang: (Apollo)Tall trans boy and his (Kai)enby depressed, Minecraft obsessed love interest (Lars)Bi guy that is way to funny for his own good (Bennett)My husband(we aren’t actually married lmao) who has really pretty hair and pretty eyes and is super nice(also bi) (Gari)His sister who is great at giving advice and likes cat girls (Alyx)Paragirl who always ends up telling people about random members suicide attempts, but she’s really nice and has good intentions, simp for enby person (Gretchen)The therapist who really needs someone to talk to but won’t accept help (Me)The flirtatious, Tamaki Suoh kinning pretty boy who happens to be a bit gay for Bennett, everyone in the group has simped for at least once, has no shame
redstonist lab
redstonist lab Prije 3 dana
1:50 phasmaphobia players: thats a sign of a demon get the spirit box
⚠️simply jordan⚠️
⚠️simply jordan⚠️ Prije 3 dana
A demon in a church basement.. what?.
MikeToob Prije 3 dana
Church basements are horrifying but this isn't quite what I expected!
Sunnex Prije 3 dana
Will you do more squad videos?
KFS Наниш
KFS Наниш Prije 4 dana
Pls no-one make Agro x Jaws bc I swear to God I will flip the duck out
Mai makes Minecraft
Mai makes Minecraft Prije 4 dana
I had some neighbourhood friends and we now live together We were the the perfect trio --------------------- Me- the bitch hungry for adventure Big K- the idiot who just followed along with everything Lil’ I- the only person with common sense that was also the oldest ---------------- Big K was male Me is female Lil’ I is also female --------- |~|Story-Time|~| --------- Most of the time big K wasn’t there but me and Lil’ I were always together she came to my house often and we made forts we went to the park bought some sweets, on easter Lil’ I came to my house we then went to the park and there were Easter eggs so like any good little girls, we picked them up and brought them to my house we went under neath my trampoline and there were six so we both had two each and buried the wrappers in my garden and then hid the remaining eggs were my parents had the exact same Easter eggs. We felt like smart asses and nobody found out
Jo Gi
Jo Gi Prije 5 dana
why did you have a Sally Face hairstyle?
The_Gaming_Texter Prije 5 dana
I wish i had those types of friends T-T
IDK M NAME Prije 6 dana
My gang: The German The oc maker The shitposter Among us The kid with ADHD and can’t keep still for a minute ( me )
glitched Prije 6 dana
my friend group - the crackhead i’m scared to see go through adulthood - the mom - the “ yass kween” - me - cool cousin - anime lover
GRAYRAPTOR13 ! Prije 6 dana
I wonder how many people get the milk carton thing
Diex1 M
Diex1 M Prije 6 dana
Wait who voiced tabbes brother was it actually him or someone else
Faby Lopez
Faby Lopez Prije 7 dana
Buddy to late for that you were already dropped when you were born
Cotton Candy Sisters
Cotton Candy Sisters Prije 7 dana
I’m surprised that they did not lock the outside
Exho Prije 8 dana
2:29 *Wilbur, Tommy and Quackity vibes*
gavin menagh
gavin menagh Prije 9 dana
my gang -the artist -animal lover -memer
My gang since why not : 1. Crackhead, aka the one who is willing to mock our teacher in their face for $10 2. The mom's of the group. These two gave been done with our shit since the beginning but for some reason they decided to stick with us. 3. The art kid. People ask her to draw constantly but refuse to pay so instead she tells them she'll draw but does nothing and let's then fail. 4. The not so innocent, aka me. I was made prefect for our school, I act kind towards teachers even though I've gotten into 4 fights this year. 5. The "Sounds fun now, fuck the consequences" aka my best friend. We've been friends for over 6 years and I swear I'm still scared of what she can do. Fun fact, we actually found a cult ritual thing and us being stupid people decided to go and throw the voodoo doll around. Idk if someone just left is there but I hope were not cursed-
Bigg Spoons
Bigg Spoons Prije 9 dana
my gang the anarchist the safty the tall one the short one (me)
Blubby Productions
Blubby Productions Prije 9 dana
0:13 You should really get a tv show about ur gang,
Bubbletea Studios
Bubbletea Studios Prije 10 dana
my younger childhood group: The adhd one (istg he always had energy) the oldest (tired of our shit) the girly girl (barely with us) the weird kid (nice tho) Me 😍
The simp Squirrel
The simp Squirrel Prije 10 dana
I’m a Barbie girl in a fucked world life is tragic so fantastic
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming Prije 10 dana
chxrrysprxut Prije 11 dana
My gang because everyone else is doing the same thing - The child (me lol) - The one who thinks they're the adult but really they're the dramatic teenager (please you're just as crackhead as anyone else here) - The one who gets dragged in on everything (ily mwah, thx for putting up with our bs all the time) - The actual adult (get shorter) - The bisexual crackhead weeb (get taller) - The sleep-deprived gamer (seriously go tf to sleep) - The A+ student (how are you our friend, you're too nice to be surrounded by idiots)
Moon Prije 12 dana
my gang: me
GLNY Prije 5 dana
Itz_ MøchiPxnda
Itz_ MøchiPxnda Prije 12 dana
My gang: The mother of the group The crackhead (me) The mean girl in real life The funny guy The smart girl The athlete kid The super dramatic one The kid you’d think lived off of sugar
Huzivn Plays
Huzivn Plays Prije 12 dana
why di you need to use a hammer for gardaning
Marshadow Prije 12 dana
I'm pretty sure that Gals voice is tabbes regular voice
Alice Grisolia
Alice Grisolia Prije 12 dana
My childhood gang: - the older girl who was "too mature for those kids' games" - the guy obsessed with football - twins who didn't look alike, but were always swapped - the smaller ones of all who wanted to look cool. (my sister and her friend) - the impassive one (me) - the boy who despite loving football, seemed to appreciate more in life
Vincent Hong
Vincent Hong Prije 13 dana
the captions said that the ac is a a** cooler
No god no
No god no Prije 13 dana
Oh I now that flash light my school still use it till now
SnowflakeDay Audra
SnowflakeDay Audra Prije 13 dana
My group: -The bitch -The Starbucks bitch -The crackhead -The psychopath arsonist (me) -The one who tries to be intimidating -The chill idiot
Cotton Candy Kitty
Cotton Candy Kitty Prije 13 dana
Why is this marked as music?
Lisa Aiello
Lisa Aiello Prije 13 dana
Reebok is i nice he is my fav🙂😉😅
Wingus Ringus
Wingus Ringus Prije 13 dana
Why does afro kind of sound like T-Bag?
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson Prije 13 dana
My group *cricket noises* short one: me
not so in-shane at all, maybe
not so in-shane at all, maybe Prije 13 dana
My gang: - The youngest happy-go-lucky mascot (me) - The Jock leader™ (my BF) - The Alcoholic art guy - The "gal" girl I™ - The "gal" girl II™ - The Dad - The hype guy party animal - The know-it-all - The "uwu I'm a cute gamer girl so quirky xD" girl - The Hijabi Ukhti-figure that everyone loves - The tomboy™ - The motorcycle guy™ - Dogs
??? Prije 14 dana
My gang: -the smartass -the skinny twins -the dumbass -the chill shipper that has a short temper and the biggest in the gang (me) -the overly active -the runner/flash -the gay -the gossip girl
Allyson Molina
Allyson Molina Prije 14 dana
Not me thinking the old pile of toys were dead bodies 💀
𝔼𝕞𝕠_𝕎𝕖𝕖𝕓 Prije 14 dana
My group (mostly online) The crackhead (me) -The innocent one -the dirty minded one(this Is also me but with them) The serious/mom/dad of the group
Neil Charles
Neil Charles Prije 14 dana
Why so much swreing
emma's left ear
emma's left ear Prije 14 dana
so we are not gonna talk about how tabbes said the r slur
isabel betancur
isabel betancur Prije 5 dana
yeah i noticed that too.
Comedic Valentine
Comedic Valentine Prije 14 dana
My gang: Weeb kid Korean obsessed roof dweller Violent (yet secretly nice) crackhead Bucket man The 2 art kids
The Arcade
The Arcade Prije 14 dana
I am jaws
Isaaa Prije 15 dana
the gang - the shy, super kind girl - the sassy “i don’t play that” girl - the non chalant, gamer, weird girl (me)
Devil_King111 Prije 15 dana
3:48 Tabbes:I am a God Edit:Look at her hand XD
Lilac Skies
Lilac Skies Prije 15 dana
Wanna hear about my friend group? No? To bad, First we the diva, who is the oldest Then we have the “idfk what’s happening I’m just here” which is me Then, we have the conversation starter, she’s the talker of the group Then we have the fidget bringer, 62% of the time she’s playing with a pop-it Lastly we have the youngest, who is me, although, since I’m the tallest, whenever my group gets into shenanigans, The person will talk to me, because everyone in my group looks like 9 year olds while I look like an 11 year old
Itz_Cinnamon Prije 15 dana
My gang: -Me (the Cat obsessed DSMP obsessed one) -The Weeb -The Jokester -The Demon Child -The Emo -The Hyperactive one
Issac Cao
Issac Cao Prije 16 dana
wtf is the sledgehammer used for
Linda Leonard
Linda Leonard Prije 16 dana
My gang: The lovebirds :The pizza lover : The Diva 💁‍♀️:The I hate my life bitch :The tall one
Happy Times are Gone
Happy Times are Gone Prije 16 dana
My group: The lonely one who’s friends abandoned him after they used him and gave him depression and made him almost commit suicide: me
MR MELON Prije 16 dana
as rebok say "aha demon" his eye is red
Marites Tabudlong Hermusora
Marites Tabudlong Hermusora Prije 17 dana
I love TABBES!!!💗💗💗
lurking games
lurking games Prije 17 dana
HyperSpeed Prije 17 dana
LOL the speedsters.. lezz goo we are taking over the nation XD
Nxght_Skie Prije 17 dana
My gang - The annoying one - The innocent one - the weeb and the 'mother' of the gang (me) - The chill one - The most mature one but somehow younger than all of us
Cheeseburger Prije 17 dana
My friend group The “dad” The tall dude The funny one (me) The Mexican The stereotypical black guy The Mexican girl The other Mexican girl that’s cousins with the first And lastly the short brown haired kid
Harrygames123 C
Harrygames123 C Prije 17 dana
My gang: The leader The tall girl The small girl The popular girl The anime girls (almost whole group) The one boy(MEH) My other boy bffs who show up time to time
cai nyo
cai nyo Prije 18 dana
Squad Sporty one Dirty one Probably a killer(me) Always complaining
Just Skits
Just Skits Prije 18 dana
My group: - Some Swimming Kid - The Youngest - The Smart One (Me) - The Oldest (My Cousin)
JoelCrafter43 Prije 18 dana
Ok but why does one of the kids have the same name as my shorts?
Azariah Reidt
Azariah Reidt Prije 18 dana
My gang _ The weird crackhead (me) - The 3 siblings - The 2 confident sports guy - The one that's always doing something and can't play - The oldest. And are area is in a small parking lot
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Prije 18 dana
my life has become pain
a person
a person Prije 18 dana
my gang: The sassy gal girl 🗿 The mf singer/she always talking drama ✋ The only one who is stable/the only one with good humor, ahem, me 🚶 THE GIRL WHO SENDS SNAPS EVERY 5 SECONDS ISTG 🙂 and the girl nobody knows who the f*** she is 💀✋
jupiter Prije 18 dana
2:15 I- I don't know how to feel
adam magnaye
adam magnaye Prije 19 dana
Uhm gardening? A Sledgehammer A Jackhammer Thats for gardening?
Marcy Prije 19 dana
Tabbes stuck behind a door? First course of action: ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA
Supersoto5 Prije 19 dana
my gang -the introvert weeb (me) -the cursed introvert weeb (friend) -the extrovert weeb (friend)
♡Sinfxl♡ Prije 19 dana
My gang: Cherri (the redhead) The bfg (the tall one) Dank tank (the meme) Random dude (a kid we found in school) The mother (me) The non-weeb (literally the non-weeb) That one kid that likes knives (yes he likes knives) Midget (the midget)
Creative Char
Creative Char Prije 20 dana
My sisters/team -The cringy one (The 2 youngest) -The other cringy one (the second oldest) -The youngest but yet the really spoiled kid who thinks they can get in the way of everything and never takes the blame but *oh yeah she 4 she doesn't know BETTER* (Its pretty obvious-) -the oldest and the only who actually knows what 6 x 3 is (me-)
Ravenice Fishing and Bushcraft Adventure Channel
Ravenice Fishing and Bushcraft Adventure Channel Prije 20 dana
I have one flash light thing
Simon Peter
Simon Peter Prije 21 dan
Remind me if slendrina the cellar
im with stupid
im with stupid Prije 21 dan
my gang: - the siblings - the football player - the oldest one (me) - the stupid one - the chill guy - the youngest one
Nia Pup
Nia Pup Prije 21 dan
Yes because everyone gardens with a sledge hammer-
Manjit Lubana
Manjit Lubana Prije 22 dana
But what was the sluge hammer for🏊‍♀️
Manjit Lubana
Manjit Lubana Prije 22 dana
Im a barbie girl in a barbie world
Manjit Lubana
Manjit Lubana Prije 22 dana
Tha first thing you do help help help
Manjit Lubana
Manjit Lubana Prije 22 dana
Kiss kiss kiss kiss
Manjit Lubana
Manjit Lubana Prije 22 dana
Huuuuuhhh a demen
RPxchen Gacha
RPxchen Gacha Prije 22 dana
Reebok: A DEMON!?!? Also Reebok: We're in a church.
GachaLloydDerpi Prije 22 dana
Me:*turns on subtitles* Tabbes:This is "jaws,the hyper kid whose body was made 75% sugar instead of water. HRpost subtitles after tabbes finishes tht sentence:(wtf) Edit:put on subtitles you will see some funny subtitles from youtube subtitles
John Behan
John Behan Prije 22 dana
Why is there a jackhammer
DeadEnd367 Prije 22 dana
3:56, why is this my favorite part of the video
The_Noob_Dude Prije 22 dana
Ah yes, *The Holy Air Conditioner*
John Behan
John Behan Prije 22 dana
Why is there a sledgehammer
Róisín Byrne Dunne
Róisín Byrne Dunne Prije 23 dana
I’m Reebok
grace Prije 23 dana
my gang: the k-pop Stan the weeb the over-achiever who had a leadership role in middle school the background character who say some random things at random times the mum an only civilised one there. (me)
lmao go eat or smth
lmao go eat or smth Prije 23 dana
Mine : crackhead: me The ▪︎uh huh yea▪︎ The ☆I'm so quirky☆ The ~funki~
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Prije 24 dana
They realy should've kept clear heads
Elisa Soon
Elisa Soon Prije 24 dana
Yoooo, Tabbes' actual brother record this?!
PlanetEarthexe Prije 24 dana
Afro didn't realize that he was looking at a one eyed goul
boi Prije 24 dana
My gang: -the impulsive crackhead -the one that just tags along with whatever; -the Harry Potter nerd that’s had a crush on at least 5 people on tv -the one who’s 50% speaking memes, and 50% “I will literally break your neck.” -the zodiac nerd that will also suggest many paranormal games to play (me)
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