Dealing with Kids

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Hi all, sorry this video took awhile. Ima be honest, the video process has been a lot more tedious than in the past few months. The outcome isn't something I'm proud of but I already held this video up longer than it should've been. I'll figure out a way to shorten the time so that I can focus on personal life as well as family. Cuz right now, I'm a hermit.








ThatOneGuy Prije 8 sati
I hated kids while I was a kid, if that makes sense.
Zerone Ostria
Zerone Ostria Prije 11 sati
dos por dos in philiphines level: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my leggggggg
Send It Boy
Send It Boy Prije 15 sati
-tip-how to deal with kids DEAL WITH IT
Parker Firestone
Parker Firestone Prije dan
Angry birds plants vs zombies fruit ninja and candy crush
nule Prije dan
My mom makes me take care of 5 6-7 years old girls almost every week :) h e l p
Shatawaga ,’
Shatawaga ,’ Prije 2 dana
Mango gecko I hope that’s a joke 4:27 and that’s a rinnengan
Milkbunj Prije 2 dana
How I deal with [annoying, screeching] kids (grades 2-4) in a middle schoolers perspective: *Their throwing a tantrum* Stage 1: Tell them to stop and be quiet, and then try to ignore them Stage 2: Tell them to stop (again) and to shut up mean while trying to contain the raging monster of anger Stage 3: Yell at them then try to ignore them (+ what happened in Stage 2) Stage 4: Yell at them (again) but now start to insult them a bit Stage 5: If it gets to this, I couldn’t contain my anger and resorted to violence Oh and I we also blackmail each other so I’ll probably try that before violence My cousin and my little brother act like a tag team and just try to embarrass and hurt me. If their not doing that then their doing something weird or dirty (as in like dirty minded or inappropriate) I have scars from them but they still act like their ✨sweet, innocent, angels✨ (this is probably unnecessary to state but I’m bored and what do you do what your bored? Say random things on the internet)
Alan Sherwood
Alan Sherwood Prije 3 dana
0:23 she got me there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
megalukeario Prije 3 dana
you mean mangekyo sharingan
SpeedDemon 61579
SpeedDemon 61579 Prije 3 dana
Mangogecko staringan
Mouse of Screams
Mouse of Screams Prije 5 dana
5:20 all of these was my childhood games
enticing poem2
enticing poem2 Prije 5 dana
Hey, maybe I should try some of these parenting tricks...
Cheemborger Prije 5 dana
U hate baby crying? Same
DELTA COSMIC Prije 5 dana
6:00 time for a good ol drive by
clipsty Prije 6 dana
I am a kid but i can totally agree with you on that.
Added Lives
Added Lives Prije 6 dana
ALX Prije 7 dana
When I heard dab on the haters I almost vomited
pineapple for days lol
pineapple for days lol Prije 7 dana
Welp im not a baby nor a teen nor adult or elder ima kid like 9 or so maybe ten
Alie The Artist
Alie The Artist Prije 8 dana
I get kind of tense when anyone wants me to watch kids. This is partly because I wasn’t around them a lot when I was younger, and also because when I was twelve my family unleashed five or six small cousins hyped up on sugar for me to watch alone. I just remember getting overwhelmed and curling up against the wall. I also don’t do baby talk, even with my niece and nephew when they were actual babies. Personally I think it’s probably bad for their language development anyway.
PKirkham1 Prije 9 dana
Just maintain constant eye contact and stare them out, it works with my dog 👍
zombiegodx [creeper-chan]123
zombiegodx [creeper-chan]123 Prije 9 dana
Plants vs zombies
clock master
clock master Prije 10 dana
they must be jake paulers- words of a true hero
clalane gamer
clalane gamer Prije 10 dana
At 4:22 you can see one of the cartoons looks like dream
artisticdrawer Prije 10 dana
Plant versus zombie one on point👌
B Prije 11 dana
the belt my nightmare
lacuna poltergeist
lacuna poltergeist Prije 11 dana
Watching your videos reminds me that some kids get abused, then just grow up and develope some pretty gnarly, unhealthy internalized trauma responses and mentalities. Discipline isn't suppressed to be something physical,especially for children. Violence against children of any kind is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL. I'm so sorry for your up bringing and honestly hope you find a better place inside.
No god no
No god no Prije 13 dana
Lol old fasho. Discipline vacuum lol
kimeko Prije 14 dana
Babies can see angels and devils if there r any in the room. take notes.
Luke Carpenter
Luke Carpenter Prije 14 dana
No for strong enough except for KAIJUS!
Gabriele Zalkauskaite
Gabriele Zalkauskaite Prije 15 dana
Ngl id be a worse parent then you ;-;
Martin Kristoffer De Jesus
Martin Kristoffer De Jesus Prije 15 dana
Me does something wrong My mom: *Why do you crave death?*
Róisín Byrne Dunne
Róisín Byrne Dunne Prije 15 dana
Whoops dropped my phone I thought that was the kid exploding or something
Hunter Huffman
Hunter Huffman Prije 16 dana
It’s a mongeceo sharingan
Imnotperfect Prije 16 dana
I have seven siblings a metal that is on my parents
Beats_Bunny Prije 16 dana
My younger cousin is so spoiled and his parents,aunts and even MY parents think he’s a little “angel” but me and my cousins even the cousins that chase us around with knives all know it’s not true
DirtIsSad Prije 17 dana
My weapon: *a hard back book* *and mabye a bat, a pan, a kitchen knife that I’m to much of a wimp to pick up 💃🕳
S and P Productions
S and P Productions Prije 20 dana
your memes suck by the way 3:00
josephwinas Prije 20 dana
0:20 they got us in the first half
Madeleine Musgrave
Madeleine Musgrave Prije 20 dana
Reasons to live: “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.” - [ ] 1: We would miss you - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive - [ ] 3: It does get better,believe it or not it will eventually get better. - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone,even yourself tell you otherwise. - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live! - [ ] 8: So many people care about you - [ ] 9: You are amazing - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you - [ ] 11: I care for you - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you - [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!!
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 17 dana
Holy shit this was a pain to scroll down lmao
「 tired peach 」
「 tired peach 」 Prije 21 dan
am i the only one who already saw the nap time commercial
Avion Prije 22 dana
i am convinced all babies a 96% demon. the other 4% is I guess just a person that causes stress and anger. i feel this way because of my cousins. i was always to scared to say no to play legos with them.
Rhett Willard
Rhett Willard Prije 22 dana
dude my moms has to take care of 7 KIDS just like month man
Marisa kirisame
Marisa kirisame Prije 23 dana
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd Prije 23 dana
Thanks for the advice to handle my bratty little sister!
Sadioof Prije 27 dana
I always have to watch my little cousin and I distract her with a whiteboard and a marker and she is an artist 🎨
:P UwU
:P UwU Prije 28 dana
tabbes:wee wee wee Me:weed
The Bacon
The Bacon Prije 28 dana
What about, here me out.... Another tornado
joel muyco
joel muyco Prije 29 dana
Gaga in tagalog is bitch.
xqueenrheax Prije 29 dana
A fish actually CAN drown... if it goes deep enough into the water...
Sad_Bunny Prije mjesec
does anyone else remember the dreaded “naughty step” no just me?
The Duck Gaming
The Duck Gaming Prije mjesec
Chili thinks you memes sucks
M.O. D.O.K
M.O. D.O.K Prije mjesec
Cat for petting.
Rolf Beumelburg
Rolf Beumelburg Prije mjesec
i ALLWAYS have to deal with my baby cousins
Audrey Girard
Audrey Girard Prije mjesec
Nightmare Animations
Nightmare Animations Prije mjesec
Me Ng Echo sharingone
Krishna Chakma
Krishna Chakma Prije mjesec
dude. ure so funny . i love u
Devinwevin1234 Prije mjesec
im the only one in my family who just hates babies lmao
Anime Weirdo
Anime Weirdo Prije mjesec
The high heel Power 200
Adrian Santillan
Adrian Santillan Prije mjesec
“Mango-Geko” lmfaoooo
Wail Prije mjesec
I thought the titles said diabetes at first
Jaclyn Sax
Jaclyn Sax Prije mjesec
And you’re making me angry saying you hate us kids😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije 17 dana
Ok kiddo
Jaclyn Sax
Jaclyn Sax Prije mjesec
I’m 8
Egg Queen
Egg Queen Prije mjesec
N a p t I m e
random memer
random memer Prije mjesec
For some reason the babie cry at the beginning was kind cute
It’s meme Time
It’s meme Time Prije mjesec
0:54 Goo goo ga ga aren’t you a cutie cuchie cuchie coo yes you are Yes You Are *Y E S Y O U A R E*
Nick The Racco
Nick The Racco Prije mjesec
Jacob Mosley
Jacob Mosley Prije mjesec
arsan and Diyako
arsan and Diyako Prije mjesec
omg that beep was soooo loud
Jake Glinski
Jake Glinski Prije mjesec
Baby cries Kamui Baby:reeeee
Jake Glinski
Jake Glinski Prije mjesec
Never mind they would be sucked into the kamui dimension
David Hart
David Hart Prije mjesec
Congress are like kids in a way why don't they replace with new fresh minds to make a solution
David Hart
David Hart Prije mjesec
I dismissed cogresss
MoonieToons Prije mjesec
Baby: *blinks* Me: ew
Lucas skywalker
Lucas skywalker Prije mjesec
Don't drop the phone drop the baby as hard as you can
*Mezurashi *
*Mezurashi * Prije mjesec
Where tabbes from?????
Lime Dragon Games
Lime Dragon Games Prije mjesec
Red Has A Computer
Red Has A Computer Prije mjesec
I just saw naptime i don't know if that's a bad thing that I imminently knew what it was
Tan Tiras
Tan Tiras Prije mjesec
The barf 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Tuna Shocker
Tuna Shocker Prije mjesec
4:22 whoa bunch of dream faces :/
Sharks Octopus
Sharks Octopus Prije mjesec
I understand so badly I have a CRY baby brother
Adalaide Raniowski
Adalaide Raniowski Prije mjesec
ok me I will do nothing
Popsthetinywitch Prije mjesec
When I heard the thump I already knew she had dropped the baby. My mind was just like “ well there’s no more going wee now”
kaelyn butler
kaelyn butler Prije mjesec
oh god here we go again for the 10000 time with the drk houmour
Shadow UwU
Shadow UwU Prije mjesec
I despise children and I’m a child... I’m nine and I HATE TODDLERS 🤬
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
Germany Prije mjesec
4:23 *OmG iT's DrEaM*
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
No It isn't
YOGISHA RANI Prije mjesec
indian parent torture
Sandra Diaz
Sandra Diaz Prije mjesec
I babysat once never again
therandomyosh Prije mjesec
The time has come Where is it? WHERE IS THE FUCKING TABBES PLUSHY?
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva Prije mjesec
the intro was ruined :( 00:24
「H o s h i」
「H o s h i」 Prije mjesec
*Thump* Me: Oh god- Tabbes: Oh. Dropped my phone.. Me: The actual fu- ... Honestly I though Tabbes dropped the baby--
Webber Tan
Webber Tan Prije mjesec
I had to take care of 4 kids once..... 4 KIDS!
Aiden Flores
Aiden Flores Prije mjesec
Also guitar
Hikekomori Prije mjesec
Old fashion decipline... Totally Relatable
fugi O
fugi O Prije mjesec
holy shit- 0:27
The Real Life Lord
The Real Life Lord Prije mjesec
•the green pterodactyl •
•the green pterodactyl • Prije mjesec
I’m an Asian American kid and the belt and shoe was almost too familiar... for wearing :D
T Boyd
T Boyd Prije mjesec
No more dabbing
End Slayer
End Slayer Prije mjesec
I love the nap time video
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