Failing New Years Resolutions

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Hope your resolutions are going well so far, one of my resolutions is to upload more often.. And to fix that, I gotta stop being a perfectionist. And don't worry.. I won't be doing sponsorships often.

Thank you to Luvu and Ray for voice acting parts in this video.

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tristan kitchens
tristan kitchens Prije dan
if i never have any sorry for grammar
tristan kitchens
tristan kitchens Prije dan
i can,t fail my resolutins if you never have any
Idkisrandom Prije dan
THA FUC … thank you lord god Jesus lugia slifer the sky dragon Flying Spaghetti Monster WHOEVER IS UP THER
Owen Reitter
Owen Reitter Prije dan
I was hurt when she said "Unless your one of those metabolism skinny chopstick thin people who are capable of eating massive amounts of food without gaining any weight." Because I am one of those people... IM UNSUBSCRIBING!
Amino Yh
Amino Yh Prije 2 dana
Me ?
Pedrosso Prije 3 dana
I posted a comment 8 months ago and I'll do it again 1:20 I didn't fail mine, I never had any to begin with
Ariyanna Bell
Ariyanna Bell Prije 4 dana
Tabbed: cuz who likes graphic novels. Me: Everyone I'm frickin in my middle school.(cause the graphic books are always on hold)
ʂŋı℘ɛr ɱąʂƙʂ ʂıɱ℘
ʂŋı℘ɛr ɱąʂƙʂ ʂıɱ℘ Prije 4 dana
When she said unless your one of those people to eat and don’t get any wait I just froze because it’s true and it’s just sad that I don’t gain weight
yes dog
yes dog Prije 6 dana
4:41 i feel attacked.
Dr Void
Dr Void Prije 6 dana
Jokes on everyone with normal "failable" resolutions my resolution was to survive this year without anything killing me
Kehinde Balogun
Kehinde Balogun Prije 7 dana
3:17 guilty
TAFF GAMEING Prije 8 dana
i think she got a a blob fish addiction or somthing......
Gamerthatguy Prije 8 dana
tabbes do i count as a fast metabolism people if i ate a entire buffet and gained 1 pound?
Sara Jane Parker
Sara Jane Parker Prije 9 dana
i know this is old but this year i read 276
Lonely panda bear
Lonely panda bear Prije 11 dana
*As someone who give's up to easily don't worry I hate myself to also I love reading*
The Internet Nazi
The Internet Nazi Prije 12 dana
Ok look the art in the corner at the end was cool as nitrogen like if I could draw that I’d be art freak
Random Cinnamon bun
Random Cinnamon bun Prije 12 dana
I’m one of those like skinny and chopstick people who can eat so much without getting anything
Ian Hansen
Ian Hansen Prije 12 dana
thats me
Lindsay Johnson
Lindsay Johnson Prije 12 dana
oh shit im one of them high metabolism people
Sleepy Lilly
Sleepy Lilly Prije 12 dana
Im allready too skinny
Jude Peterson
Jude Peterson Prije 12 dana
I am NOT addicted to tabbes' videos... *Proceeds to watch every single one in a day*
{Imma Sinner}
{Imma Sinner} Prije 13 dana
goldenpotato Prije 13 dana
This video is for everything I do
IHAVEYE Prije 15 dana
If you want to buy something that will make you happy buy it it won't matter if you'll throw it out really soon it won't matter you do what you gotta do Some random guy from the future -2021
Avy Albert
Avy Albert Prije 15 dana
she is wayyy to real
KingPotato Prije 15 dana
What is a resolution?
Finn Ewing
Finn Ewing Prije 16 dana
*Every day is a Jaiden New Year!*
Joey Girl
Joey Girl Prije 17 dana
I just forgot that new year's resolutions exist
Jaysic Gunter
Jaysic Gunter Prije 18 dana
me: eats and gains no weight my brother: doesn't eat and gains weight
JeremyTheGamer Prije 18 dana
0:40 Tord is that you?! What in the world happened!
Sev-N Prije 18 dana
3:35 Pure genius!
John-Paul Hamilton
John-Paul Hamilton Prije 18 dana
I tried... I'm still trying.
jess cresswell
jess cresswell Prije 20 dana
Tabbes: DIET Me: do you know something? You can’t spell diet with out spelling DIE!!! So hell with that!
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd Prije 23 dana
I always purposely fail them.
Huss Prije 23 dana
I'm one of those stick people I'm like 24 I'm like 10
Lunadrizz Prije 27 dana
4:43 Im that.. I eat 10 bag of chips every day and still be 30 kg
PalmarString500 Prije 27 dana
Me: alright try o loose 1 pound this year Also me: gains 1000000000000000 pounds
Sky Speece
Sky Speece Prije 28 dana
I thought she was making the person oof but then it's a chip bag 😂
Sky Speece
Sky Speece Prije 28 dana
At 3:25
cat box
cat box Prije mjesec
I'm able to eat Whale amounts of food and barely gain half a pound
Rana Abdul Aziz
Rana Abdul Aziz Prije mjesec
Dang who dose nit love tabbes fir her toufhe love
Ethan THORN Prije mjesec
4:44 I think that’s me
Late0klock Prije mjesec
5:04 every English teacher I’ve had
Mr Mammoth
Mr Mammoth Prije mjesec
Do something that's actually a resolution but it's easy so you can say you did it
m i l k
m i l k Prije mjesec
A fruit diet sounds good to meh rn or any fruit rn
hh1k4ruu Prije mjesec
i act like ima do them, but i never do
I will never leave you Studios
I will never leave you Studios Prije mjesec
I was laughing so loud where the guy was snorting Coca-Cola on screen I thought it was going to be the other thing
Lu & CocoaCry
Lu & CocoaCry Prije mjesec
4:42 Having a high metabolism is hard. Especially when you bloat easily... Edit: the trick is to have a small fat reserve!
darth_zeta Prije mjesec
In 2022 i'm going to breath at least 400 times
Rynbow99 Prije mjesec
My new year resolution is don’t f*** up Also 4:43 hello how ya doing I’m here I already messed up
DaMeowCat Prije mjesec
Yes, thank lugia
Jean Shemin Geronimo
Jean Shemin Geronimo Prije mjesec
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic Prije mjesec
2:09 what manners little tabbes
DrhpTudaco Prije mjesec
excuse me ma'am i feel attact by the lose wait part
Christal Bliss
Christal Bliss Prije mjesec
When she Shrek and sonic shippers I was like “Whoa hold up wtf those people need Jesus”
ɮʟǟƈӄ ǟռɖ աɦɨȶɛ ąìղէ ƈօʟօʀֆ
ɮʟǟƈӄ ǟռɖ աɦɨȶɛ ąìղէ ƈօʟօʀֆ Prije mjesec
embarrassing, but i was addicted to fucking winning a solo fortnite game. how i stopped this addiction? I DELETED THE APP, JUST DO IT. FUCKING DO IT
Froug TheFrog
Froug TheFrog Prije mjesec
L 4:44
Vanu Alishenu
Vanu Alishenu Prije mjesec
I have amino an I'm just a kid enjoying the beautiful chats with my homies I got the app from a yt sponsor Not you Whenever I say my true age in a chat and I say I got it from a yt sponsor they get all mad at me THE GODDAM YT SPONSOR DIDNT TELL ME IT WAS A 13+ APP
Rosie Ducharme
Rosie Ducharme Prije mjesec
Snorting coke
Sofia Kisseleff
Sofia Kisseleff Prije mjesec
I have covid so I can't do shit
night owl
night owl Prije mjesec
3:56 me when I see my friends open closet with a whole BAG OF DORITOS
Pirlogea Simon:}
Pirlogea Simon:} Prije mjesec
4:42 daaamn thats me 100% sheeet.
Bryan Salvador
Bryan Salvador Prije mjesec
My famaly does not do that
Katie Wunder
Katie Wunder Prije mjesec
My family doesn't do new years revolutions
Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
1:08 same I didn't even try to do mine
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm high matablisim
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
My resolution is not dying
Timmy Seinsott
Timmy Seinsott Prije 2 mjeseci
My new year's resultion is to watch more tabbes
💀💫star gacha💫💀
💀💫star gacha💫💀 Prije 2 mjeseci
🦋I don't even make new year's resolutio🦋
TCMF 123
TCMF 123 Prije 2 mjeseci
"It's not easy for me to come up with any resolutions, because I'm pretty much one of the best people I know." -Greg Heffley
Stephania Charles
Stephania Charles Prije 2 mjeseci
my watching this at 2021
…roser… Prije 2 mjeseci
Kanzaki Yukiko
Kanzaki Yukiko Prije 2 mjeseci
1:38 jan 12th is my birthday XDXD
Audrey Gould - Actress
Audrey Gould - Actress Prije 2 mjeseci
Tabbes: it’s been a few weeks since 2018 started Me: 2018, 2018? 😂😂 your so nieve
exotic playz
exotic playz Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d offer the food to homeless
Đŕęåmş çømê ţŕůę
Đŕęåmş çømê ţŕůę Prije 2 mjeseci
I am the chipstick persion litrely
Lime Soup
Lime Soup Prije 2 mjeseci
*sweats in high metabolism *
JustSaara Prije 2 mjeseci
"Don't expect to get anything down by sitting on your ass all day" *But I don't know how to sit on my face :'0*
Nathan Hodges
Nathan Hodges Prije 2 mjeseci
I learned from this i am lazy chopstick man.
J Fedillaga
J Fedillaga Prije 2 mjeseci
My new year's resolution : Gain more weight and be lazy
resende jose
resende jose Prije 2 mjeseci
get me my sandwich gun
royal gaurd
royal gaurd Prije 2 mjeseci
What if sitting on your but all day is your new year resolution
Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers Prije 2 mjeseci
aminos full of bullies now :(
Cactus animation
Cactus animation Prije 2 mjeseci
im one of those people who can eat alot and still stay skinny ;^;
Jordyn Farmer
Jordyn Farmer Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm one of the people who can eat a feast and not gain any weight
Brennan Hill
Brennan Hill Prije 2 mjeseci
I procrastinated too long, and missed it
Who Said That?
Who Said That? Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you complaining now?
Techna Playz
Techna Playz Prije 2 mjeseci
I am One of Those Chop-Stick thin people who is Capable of Eating Massive Amounts Of Food Without Gaining Any weight
Snail Cheese
Snail Cheese Prije 2 mjeseci
Jokes on you I always forget to write new year resolutions
Reese Dutcyvich
Reese Dutcyvich Prije 2 mjeseci
I literally forget every single one of my resolutions by Jan. 2.
Pankaj Kodimela
Pankaj Kodimela Prije 2 mjeseci
Why I sad now
Bdeath Prije 2 mjeseci
Nooo Sonic and Shrek shipping nooooooo n noo noo
Christine Nakoolak
Christine Nakoolak Prije 2 mjeseci
But I rased my hand
US Space Force Threats and Research Department
US Space Force Threats and Research Department Prije 3 mjeseci
fun fact tobbaco companies advertise the most after new year to ruin others' resolutions
Bookish Cat
Bookish Cat Prije 3 mjeseci
You can’t fail them if you don’t have them
Taco family
Taco family Prije 3 mjeseci
im am chopstick UwU
Taco family
Taco family Prije 3 mjeseci
also tabbs if you say this here is quote "do as I say not as I do :P"
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Prije 3 mjeseci
Ioan Mitru
Ioan Mitru Prije 3 mjeseci
In romania there is no new year's resolution
MrMimePrimeツ Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm actually one of them skinny people with high gaining weight is harder than losing weight
Lizmarie Capo
Lizmarie Capo Prije 3 mjeseci
if you look at tabbes nose as her mouth she's just always smiling smugly
Luke Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t celebrate New Years.
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