Joining a Military Program
Don't be a Tourist
Prije 10 mjeseci
Lunatics during Quarantine
Getting Scammed Online
My Gangsta Relatives
A Strange Day
Prije 2 godina
Buying a Forbidden Pet
Prije 2 godina
Living with Rats
Prije 2 godina
Locked in a Cellar
Prije 2 godina
Being Mute for 3 Years
Prije 2 godina
Dealing with Kids
Prije 3 godina
Prije 3 godina
Dramatic People
Prije 3 godina
Meeting an Asylum Escapee
Prije 3 godina
Playground Stories
Prije 3 godina
Let's Meet Up.
Prije 3 godina
Food Atrocities
Prije 3 godina
Sibling Rivalry
Prije 4 godina
Damn finals...
Prije 4 godina
Send It Boy
Send It Boy Prije 16 sati
-tip-how to deal with kids DEAL WITH IT
_-Mapleleaf-_ Prije 16 sati
I fucking love this 👁️👄👁️
Glorimar Guido Mercado
Glorimar Guido Mercado Prije 17 sati
Steak and jellybean and milk the worst
Glorimar Guido Mercado
Glorimar Guido Mercado Prije 17 sati
I’ve been eating dogs when I was one that was probably the person that make the dog get killed and eat
L.V Prije 17 sati
but you didnt talk during high school right?
Firestorm The Wolf
Firestorm The Wolf Prije 17 sati
I have 4 brothers, one of them is my twin brother. We shared a lot of things. Consoles, computer, TV, etc. What really makes me wonder on, how we are so much different. And am not taking about different gender and height. I would eat almost anything on my plate, including vegetables and fruits. While my twin brother would complain about it and try to remove the vegetables and fruits. Also personality, I am very laughable and most of time is smiling. While my twin is like Ruv from Friday night funkin. Just dead inside. No smile or anything. It takes a while for him to smile or even laugh.
L.V Prije 17 sati
`2:27 why is ice cream sandwich there XD
That One Dragonair
That One Dragonair Prije 17 sati
This video is old but i just saw it so imma say this: The person dressed as Pennywise should hold the balloon behind his back, stare straight at the person, and laugh like a maniac. Then everyone flees the scene. *yes, flawless plan*
Queeter Whittle
Queeter Whittle Prije 17 sati
Hearing this brother-sister relationship, I think about how being the bigger brother should be a role I need to fulfill... *BY DOING THE EXACT THINGS HE DOES!!!*
Elzector Prije 17 sati
face reveal is at 6:31
avi golberg
avi golberg Prije 18 sati
"And every now and then, I change the songs just to spice it up a bit" Proceeds to sing the arthur theme song.
Hyland Kid
Hyland Kid Prije 18 sati
is is that sans in the corner? hes not dead hes fine just a prank trust me
Alan K
Alan K Prije 18 sati
Thier gonna need to have a lot of energy if they wanna survive when the North Koreans come kicking down the door 🇰🇵🇰🇷
ethan olson
ethan olson Prije 18 sati
and i said hey hey what a wonderful kind of day where we can lern to laugh and play
emma almeida
emma almeida Prije 18 sati
lol one year my sis found a sharp thing in her apple ya i know not so funny but its a story
Crash Test 01
Crash Test 01 Prije 19 sati
I can't participate because I didn't know what inktober was until 9th grade, I never watched your channel in 2017 and I'm too late.
Team Noobish! !¡!
Team Noobish! !¡! Prije 19 sati
Nobody: Literally Nobody: America:
Lazaro Nunez
Lazaro Nunez Prije 19 sati
Cyrus TheFarmer
Cyrus TheFarmer Prije 19 sati
Did she just die, like seriously what happened?
outershiftchara Prije 19 sati
Connor Jacobs
Connor Jacobs Prije 19 sati
I just realized that if 500 dollars are a lot to Tabbes then she aint got any money :]
•toffee cake•
•toffee cake• Prije 19 sati
As an only child it is quite lonely, especially for the only children with parents who work at places like hospitals.
Eren Bulut
Eren Bulut Prije 20 sati
when my mom say that evrythıng ınstead of that pet :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ı would try to fınd an armodrıllo as an pet :)
Eren Prije 20 sati
8:14 lol
24kbanana Prije 20 sati
u sound like my classmate she was mute for 2 years and one time she wispered something and it was the first time i heard her speak
Skye Rank
Skye Rank Prije 20 sati
0:19 or 4, wearing a mask during the pandemic
Winter_0 Prije 20 sati
4:31 dang I wish that was my leader I was in cross country and they made us run 4 miles each day 🥲
Winter_0 Prije 20 sati
Oh yeah this was 6th grade btw
Ria Prije 20 sati
pls post
Cognito Hazard1
Cognito Hazard1 Prije 21 sat
Yo, bone vented
Violet Regnier
Violet Regnier Prije 21 sat
I don't like talking unless it's my family and even then I stutter and I'm to quiet for people to hear me
George Richardson
George Richardson Prije 21 sat
Tabbes, where are you? It's been 6 months
・Hanako・ Prije 21 sat
Your brother Cockroaches/brother Rat/brother
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Prije 21 sat
I forgot i'm a trouble maker
Pug Prije 21 sat
Is dog
Midnight Mystery tha nerd
Midnight Mystery tha nerd Prije 22 sati
"thats right ima blob" me:now is one of my new mottos also her voice IS fine
Foxiscoolerthanyou Prije 22 sati
I have silverfish :)
inqvrq Prije 22 sati
this video makes the zombie apocalypse sound like a Childs game
Inara Peltonen
Inara Peltonen Prije 22 sati
Blob Fish is actually Beautiful underwater but when people pull it up it looks horrible and fat
Xion Kale
Xion Kale Prije 22 sati
Le Principal: "School didn't wanna be responsible for any students getting hurt during school hours" Le School Shooter: -
Eren Bulut
Eren Bulut Prije 22 sati
somerandom guy: ı bet you cant found an half doomguy half story time youtuber me:shows tabbes guy:imposibble.....
godly_gamer Prije 23 sati
I have 3 rivals in this case
Hi Hi :P
Hi Hi :P Prije 23 sati
Are you okay? Also, where's the Thanksgiving rap? ;-;; did you delete it or private it?
Samantha Feuge
Samantha Feuge Prije 23 sati
One time this guy on the train was dressed in camo and then he made a whole ass speech talking about how how his wife and kids are in an ally way and he has no money and he said if any of you have any spare change I would appreciate it then some lady stood up and said how did you get on the subway if you have no money were your wife then? They almost had a fist fight until this lady said we need to respect others.
Arlington Torres
Arlington Torres Prije 23 sati
Thehomie Prije 23 sati
Faker I have proof :3 Don't kick me plz I will tell you if this get 30 likes
It’s Yeah boi
It’s Yeah boi Prije 23 sati
Welcome to 2021 Tabbes, where everything just got worse.
Lazzy Gg
Lazzy Gg Prije 23 sati
Ima be on my deathbed when she finally uploads again.
puglover 321
puglover 321 Prije 23 sati
How much do you like your roommates from 1 to 10?
Skyler Sunset
Skyler Sunset Prije 23 sati
All I can say is 🤣
Conrrado Ibarra
Conrrado Ibarra Prije dan
Hell no
Midnight Mystery tha nerd
Midnight Mystery tha nerd Prije dan
I had a teacher well a sub teacher ill call her Mrs.d and mrs.d was pretty chill.when she was our sub,she would tell us stories of people using guns and drugs and telling us not to use them.she tought us stuff besides that i think but she was ok[this happened in 2nd grade btw]
Storys Prije dan
Why do you look like Ranboo
Galeboy The Commander
Galeboy The Commander Prije dan
The thing that makes me soannoyed about this is that if you really were mute. This would be so much different cause your teachers would just be constantly doing stuff like this and you cant do anything about it.
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem Prije dan
Lavi Nissenson
Lavi Nissenson Prije dan
2:49 is that rocky 1
Ben coffee
Ben coffee Prije dan
when will she upload again
JackIsUnsociable Prije dan
2:15 bone in the vent? SUS!!! Dead body in vent!! SUUUUUUS!! Tabbes didn’t know what she had just done. She made a mistake that will be called sus in a span of 2 years after the vid was posted.
Dillmy Aleeas
Dillmy Aleeas Prije dan
Kurapika Prije dan
I'm worried about her being gone for 6 months where are you
swifty band
swifty band Prije dan
Yea she actually dead yep she got murdered
sleeping Hilichurl
sleeping Hilichurl Prije dan
I like your channel! Its honest and cool!!
Lunar Star
Lunar Star Prije dan
“take a guess” Me:Ranboo
LaurenWolfDragon Prije dan
0:14 sans?
Max Collins
Max Collins Prije dan
Code-BloodedYT Prije dan
Did you eat McDonald's or THE MCDOLAND'S???
creeperchu heller
creeperchu heller Prije dan
i saw the second comment she showed in the video and im so confused do you actually think that if someone is doing animations on youtube no one else can too??? every animator is making different content and every one of them is trying to make people happy or even just their day a little bit better stop treating them like subs sucking demons
Amnah Amani
Amnah Amani Prije dan
Rip your water bills
Ninjaz Prije dan
We left a bowl out one year, damn kids took the whole bowl!
CatGirl The Little Retard
CatGirl The Little Retard Prije dan
schools have security? oh america
ZINKY INK Prije dan
My fifth grade homeroom teacher was kind of weird. Everyone liked her and it got to the point to where everyone would crowd around the door to talk to her until the bell rang. I would always have to squeeze my way through the crowd. She also had favorite kids. For example, there was this one girl who cussed when she was talking to her. SHE DIDNT CARE! If other people cussed she would get on to them.
Corey Carrillo
Corey Carrillo Prije dan
Kelsey Madison
Kelsey Madison Prije dan
The known ptarmigan laparoscopically back because tom-tom preferably bless after a thoughtless baritone. groovy, unbecoming office